I think I will have to reduce my posting schedule here to once a week (most likely on Thursdays). I may have just picked up a small copywriting job, and then I’ll be having a baby, and then I have that other blog that is gaining traction, so I may have bitten off more than I can chew. HOWEVER, since this is my anonymous blog and where I keep my updates about my kids, I definitely want to continue some sort of schedule. *sigh* Sorry such a meta paragraph. Anyhow, below are the stories that you actually want to here.

1) The kids are giving each other time outs. DD keeps saying to DS, “Two minutes! Two minutes!”

2) DS and DD are each arguing that they are funny. “I funny!” “No, I funny!” When I said they were both funny, they both laughed their fake laugh. They are hilarious.

3) DD keeps drawing “dinosaurs.” Of course they look nothing like it, but it’s cute. I think she drew at least 4-5 today.

4) DS asked me, “What’s up?” I found it too funny.

5) DS told me this morning that DD was Chris and he was Mart (as in Martin) from The Wild Kratts. It’s because she was wearing green and he was wearing blue. (Those are the Kratt brothers’ respective colors.)

6) I find it so funny that DD will roll up her leggings into shorts. For some reason, it’s very comical to me.

7) DS keeps singing 哈哈笑 (Haha Laughing Song), 火車快飛 (Fast Train Song), and 小猴子 (Little Monkey Song). I think he misses school.

8) DS keeps thinking the baby in my tummy will be his cousin, MD. (It’s because we call them all, Didi, which means, “Little Brother.”) I told him THIS baby was HIS Didi. MD Didi wasn’t his. DS told me that he doesn’t want HIS Didi. He wanted MD Didi. I don’t think he understood. DH told me to explain it to DD – she would get it. That is both mean and hilarious.

9) Induction date is all set for Monday 8/19/14. SO SOON and yet, not soon enough!


The last few days, I’ve had at least an hour of labor (obviously, now, Braxton Hicks). It’s so sad how even though this is my third baby, I have no idea what labor is. I mean, I went through labor with DS, but that was 3.5+ years ago! And for DD, I was induced and had an epidural almost immediately, so I didn’t experience ANY pain. So, when I was having contractions every 3-5 minutes for an hour yesterday, I was a little worried. We had nothing ready.

Today, I washed all the baby clothes, put in the infant car seat, and got a bunch more stuff ready. (Just in case!) All I have left is to rearrange our master bedroom (and all the toys and books) so that I can put in a pack n play. That’s about it.

2.5 more weeks before induction! I think DS2 is getting impatient. He’s is kicking the crap out of me from the insides. I thought they weren’t supposed to move around as much during the end because they have less room? I don’t think any of my kids have ever gotten that memo.

Anyhow, if you don’t see any posts for awhile, I might’ve had my baby. LOL.

So I started a new blog that is “public” in nature that is attached to me In Real Life (unlike this one, which is mostly anonymous). It is quite a different experience, let me tell you! I have been blogging for almost ten or years now in various incarnations, most as myself (but never gone out of my way to publicize the posts) and for the past three years, anonymously here. As an anonymous person, I find it very freeing to just tell about my day or my frustrations with limited editing (because after all, SOME of my friends in real life do know about this blog). It is a good thing.

However, I am also a blatant attention whore and miss having feedback and it has been super ego-boosting to see my Facebook friends respond to this new blog. It’s just the first public post or so, so who knows what will happen in the future, but I am excited.

Also, I didn’t realize how time consuming writing in depth blog posts would be. You know, ones with a purpose and content that is continually interesting vs just what I blather on and on about here. I am tired!

Geez! I can’t believe it’s been about three months since I last posted. Well, I can believe it, but I don’t WANT to believe it.

Several quick news updates then:

1) My nephew was born at the end of January!! YAAAAAY!! Welcome to the world, DN!!

2) I’m pregnant for the third time. Due mid/end of August 2013. 🙂 On schedule for four kids by 2015. LOL.

3) DS has started preschool and the first month, he cried every day I dropped him off. But now, he wants to go early and just LOVES everything about school. (Especially crafts.) He is inordinately proud of himself and his creations. Our walls are covered in his masterpieces. (Saves me the trouble of finding “artwork.”)

4) DD is talking up a storm and absolutely a tyrant and utterly hilarious. She wants to do everything Big Brother does and it is both sweet and alarming.

5) DH’s maternal grandmother passed away on our 6th anniversary. DH had a chance to say goodbye by flying out to Honolulu the week before she passed. He’s flying out again this weekend for the funeral.

6) For Spring Break, we are heading to our annual LA/SD trip to visit family and friends. Can’t wait! (Well, mostly I am excited about the SD portion. heehee.)

7) Then, we’re also going to be flying out to DC for a few days to see my awesome DN before he gets too big! We gotta cram in as much traveling as possible before I get too huge to travel with two small children.

8) However, even though I will be nine months pregnant, that will NOT stop me from participating in the awesomeness known as JT!! We have fantastic tickets to their stadium tour at Candlestick Park. SO EXCITED. Words cannot even adequately describe it.

9) After three months of utter exhaustion and sleeping 10+ hours, I am now suffering from insomnia. I guess I banked all that sleep a little too early, eh? Now, I just stay up in the middle night worrying about taxes, craigslist, and re-decorating/cleaning the house for the new baby. Yup. Nesting is kicking my ass again. Again, with the earliness of this!!

10) I am super bored with TV now. Most of my shows are on hiatus (USA – WHY!?) and I am too lazy to get into new shows. At least JT has flooded my DVR lately, so I am happy.

OK. That’s all for now. Hopefully, I can/will more consistently update this blog. Thanks for sticking with me, peeps!!

Not sure what type of blogging schedule I’ll be able to do this year. I’m still figuring it out. Sorry about that. I just have to remember that life is constantly a negotiation – and things that seemed easy before may be hard now and then easy again in the future.

Thanks for your patience!

Ok, they’re not exactly new, but they’ve severely affected my ability to blog. DS sleeps with us (and has been for at least a few months now). The main difference is that now, on most nights, I end up going to sleep and then STAYING asleep at 9:30pm or so. For some of you, that’s normal bed time. For me, that is way early!! It used to be that was when I would surf the net and blog – after DS was asleep. Now, though I am much better rested and happier for it, my blogging life has suffered. And I have so much to tell!! SO MUCH!

Of course, due to this backlog, blogging (or starting) gets all overwhelming and such and then the thought of thinking back to what I promised to blog about and recap, etc. GAH. So. Much. Pressure.

Which is ridiculous. Mostly because none of my dear readers are actually pressuring me to do any such thing. heehee. My self-importance is rather built up. Welp, I endeavor to be much more on top of it for the rest of this year. I am going to try blogging multiple entries on a weekly basis and just queue them up. So that way, I only have to be “online” once a week or some such and then still have my blog show up on a regular basis. That was way too wordy of a sentence.

Anyhow, I know this is more a meta post than an actual post, but it will have to do, my dear readers!

Waylaid by stomach flu (both the kiddos and I – thankfully, DH is still fine). On our way to Disneyland tomorrow.

Got my Christmas cards out – as well as the 2013 picture calendars ordered. Now, I have to work on DS’s 1st year baby book as well as DD’s. Gotta get those out sometime! Then I’m going to be making a yearbook for 2012 (and then hopefully, 2011). It’s going to be expensive. But worth it. 🙂 I will try to make enough copies for my mom, my MIL, and my great aunt.

Ok. Try not to miss me too much. Oh wait, you’re already used to me slacking. SO SORRY!

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