Not My Beautiful Life

DS is a sweetheart. Two instances from today.

1) DS said to DS2, “kiss DS2! hey little cutie! DS2’s awesome. DS2’s getting bigger!”

2) DS2 was napping on the couch and woke up crying. DS, in my exact soothing tone, rushes to DS2 and says, “ok ok ok DS2. It’s ok. DS here.” Then hugs DS2 and kisses him.


The other day, DD and DS had dumped all these goldfish crumbs on the stairs. When DS pointed the out to me he said, “It’s ok, Mama. 那個人會來清. (That person will come clean it.)”

We had a housekeeper until DH got laid off. It was a nice luxury – but I didn’t realize that DS thought that was the only person that would clean up the mess – especially since I am always vacuuming up their crap. 😦 We live a life of incredible privilege.

Gah. Seems like every time I leave, I get used to not posting and then Poof! A month or more goes by and I haven’t updated.

So, here are some funny stories about the kiddos in the last few weeks:

1) We were at a park one day and some boys a little older than DS were playing with each other and DS happened to be near them. They were saying, “Come on!” to each other and DS thought they were talking to him so he followed them around for at least 10 minutes. They were good sports and all had a good time chasing each other and running around.

2) Unfortunately, we had a bad experience with the landlady at the house we were staying at and I started using her as a threat to keep the kids quiet. I didn’t realize how often I was doing that until DD was being noisy and DS told her that the person upstairs was going to come down and that we didn’t want that.

3) For awhile, DS kept either saying, “What’s going on here?” or “Something [sic] going on here!” in a Grover voice (his serious voice). So funny. He often talks in his Grover voice when he is being very serious.

4) DH put DS in shorts on one of the first few hot days of the year and DS said, “I’ll be cold.” DH asked, “Do you want me to get pants for you?” DS said, “That would be better.”

5) It was super hot one day and DS was in shorts and DD was just in a dress. DS was very worried that DD was not wearing pants.

6) While peeing one day, DS told me (in Chinglish) that his pee comes out from a 洞洞 (hole) in his penis.

7) While I was folding laundry one day, DD picked up my giant underwear and walked around with it over her head, around her neck. I was both amused and mortified.

8) One night, I was trying to get the kids to sleep. I was so annoyed that I yelled at DD, “Go to sleep!” She sat up and yelled back, “NO!”

9) After bath time one day, I asked DS if DD had a penis. He said, “No. 她有屁股 (She has a butt)!”

10) Then, I tried to teach him how to say, “Vagina.” Now, he says DD has a “Gagina.”

11) While grocery shopping, DD kept standing up in the cart. I lightly smacked her on the back of her hand and then she hit me back. Twice. HARD!

12) Sometimes, DD will hit DS on the head and then say, “Ouch!” and hold out her hand for me to kiss.

13) Now, when I tell DS to do something, he’ll reply, “I know, Mommy! I know!”

14) DD has started telling me when she’s pooped or peed or farted. She calls them all poo. LOL. I am semi-starting to potty train her in a half-assed manner.

15) When I finally switched DS’s car seat to forward facing (he is too close to the weight limit for rear-facing), he was very upset because he still wanted to face backwards. DD was upset because she wanted to be facing forward like DS. DS is the ONLY kid I know who was upset about turning the car seat around.

16) Because DD cosleeps with us, she often hogs my pillow. Often, if I am taking up too much space on my own damn pillow, she will yell at me, “Move!”

17) Somehow, between the last cold and now, DS has stopped liking to take medicine. BLARGH.

18) The other day, DD ordered me to do the following: “Chip. Now. Me.” I didn’t even know she could say, “Now,” let alone know what it means.

19) Yesterday morning, DD started crying because she wanted to wear a different dress. I don’t even think she cared what dress it was that she was wearing because she literally just chose the next top dress in the dresser. She just didn’t want to wear anything I chose.

20) I was just putting down DD for a nap and she started to fake snore.

Ok. That should last a bit, right? You don’t expect me to post again?

*sigh* My apologies for slacking in the blogging department. My only excuse is that I have been extremely lazy. And I got swept up in a ridiculous series on faeries. 😀 I quite enjoyed blazing through four books of ridiculousness.
So, let’s see. Some quick updates for the past week:

1) Zipped through the Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa. The first book was rather meh, but the story was good enough for me to read the next three. Although what is it with centuries old “teenaged” boys who fall in love with REAL teenage girls? If I was an old dude, I would rather be shot than be wedded to a teenage girl. Such drama queens.

2) Had house cleaners come for the first time in three years (since we moved into this house). OMG – this is awesome. There is nothing I hate more than cleaning bathrooms and showers and kitchens. Yes, things are all in weird places now, but everything is nice and CLEAN! I feel like a privileged 1%-er, but I’ll take it.

3) I bought a bunch of “new-to-us” bridges and risers for DS’s trains and he loves them. I thought we couldn’t tear him away from trains before. He stayed up late several nights in a row to play the trains with his Papa (DH). This kid is so spoiled.

4) DD is a pro at walking now. I often think she’s closer to 1.5 years than the almost 11 months she is. Mostly because she is tackling stuff that DS couldn’t do until he was about 1.5 years. I guess girls do develop faster than boys! LOL. She is just super at driving her little red Cozy Coupe backwards. She LOVES that thing.

5) I have replenished my chocolate supply. It was dwindling.

6) I drove about an hour round trip the other day just to get DS a train muffin pan. It makes muffins in the shape of trains! He was very excited. He even ate banana bread – which he never likes. Clearly, I need to make vegetable trains.

7) Finally got a couple of things from Lowe’s today. I’ve seriously been meaning to get a metal hose nozzle and a stand for it for the last year. FINALLY. I also got replacement bulbs (they were a weird specific kind) for our guest bathroom (also waiting at least six months) and some refillable spray bottles for cleaning solutions (also at least a year). You can tell I’m the procrastinating type.

8) Did I mention that the housecleaners took out our garbage for me? AWESOME.

9) I am searching for a tall boy dresser for our room. I’ve decided that until the kids can dress themselves, we’re gonna have a family closet. Because seriously? I’m not putting laundry away in three separate rooms. They have all their baths in my room anyway. Truthfully, we ALREADY have a family closet. But we’re running out of space because DS’s clothes are getting bigger. Plus, we’re nearing fall/winter and we’ll need warmer clothes and socks and those take up more room as well. Craigslist trolling, here I come.

10) I broke down and bought two bags of Pirate’s Booty yesterday. We are now down to ONE bag.

That’s it. I will update tomorrow. 😀

My brother and his wife are expecting a baby at the end of January!!! I’m so thrilled and happy and excited and OVER THE MOON! I was so bummed when I originally thought they weren’t going to have kids (and as a result, my babies wouldn’t have any blood cousins), but now, they WILL!

When my brother first told me I started to cry. I was SO HAPPY. Many felicitations and happy expectations to my brother and sister-in-law! He is going to be an awesome dad and she will be an awesome mom. YAAAAY!!

I don’t know if it’s a result of the book I just devoured in one sitting or just my mood, but I feel as if I’m floating through my life. I was holding DD tonight when she woke up crying and I thought, “Where did my day go? Did I even pay attention to DD?”

I mean, I realize that I obviously take care of my children and though I give them a lot more independence than I used to, I’m not exactly neglectful. I am trying to be more purposeful with not always being on the phone or just counting down the clock. And yet, somehow, today passed and now it’s gone. DD is 8.5 months already, on the cusp of walking, and I truly can’t believe it. Where did the time go? How am I not soaking in every single second and instead, just trying to get through the day? Why am I not more mindful?

DD is getting so big. When I hold her, it’s more like holding a toddler than a baby. (And I suppose that’s exactly what she is: a toddler. She is toddling!) How is this happening?

Then I think back on last week’s HI trip and how I yelled at DS and spanked him a little too often and I feel guilt upon guilt. My dear little boy heaps grace upon grace on me. Even when I’m annoyed or mean or not perfect, he still wants me and loves me and adores me. How can I be so mediocre at times? How do I deserve any of his love? Or any of DD’s love?

Our time is so precious and so short. How can it pass so quickly and yet so slowly? I must strive to be more mindful and purposeful. I don’t want to have any regrets. *sigh* Off to be weepy.

Today, I went temporarily insane and brought DD and DS to the County Fair by myself. It was 97 degrees and I think the kiddos had a great time. They were, of course, hot and exhausted, but they also saw a bunch of livestock, trains, fire engines, rides (although, DS only rode two – he doesn’t like rides), and played with a bunch of musical instruments. I pushed over 90 lbs of stroller, babies, and stuff for about 3 hours. I am also exhausted.

It was mostly worth it, though. I am big on creating new traditions for our little family – and the county fair is definitely one of them. Others, of note, are:

1) Yearly trip to LA and SD
2) Cherry picking
3) County Fair (obviously)
4) Christmas Tree (which seems stupid, but our family hadn’t had a Christmas tree since 1995 – we fixed that in 2010)
5) Trips to visit family (Hawaii, DC, Taiwan, and of course, LA)

That’s all the ones I can think of right now, but I plan on creating more. It’s a lovely thing, traditions. It helps us look back to touchstones in our childhood and figure out the rhythms of life. I look back (mostly) fondly on the childhood traditions we had. I hope my kids do the same.

Oh! Just thought of some that we have yet to start, but I would like to in the future.

1) Joint vacations with family friends to a bunch of national parks
2) Playing cards and mah jong
3) Game nights (and we’re talking super geeky games)

Ok. That’s it for now. I need to shove food in my face and watch SYTYCD.

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