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I love to read. This year (thus far), I’ve read at least 133 books (and counting). Last year, I read 120. The year before that, 114. That, my friends, is a lot of books. I LOVE TO READ.

It helps, of course, that I am a very fast reader clocking in at about 80 pages an hour. That means I can generally get through most books within 1-2 days. I have found that I go through phases of reading a stack of books and then bingeing on hours of DVR’d shows. I can’t do both at the same time (though I’d sure like to!).

However. Next year, I would like to get a new project off the ground (another blog, if you must know), and that requires time and energy. And since I plan on being pregnant and therefore, even more tired, I would also like to keep up this early to bed thing I’ve got going on. Sadly, all our times are finite so in order to add more into my day, something’s got to go – and I guess I can slow down my reading. I think I’m going to aim for 100 books next year – which, I realize, is still a crap ton of books. But let’s just say a tiger can’t change all its stripes all at once, right?

I’ll blog more about my new project later. After all, I’ve got to save some material for other posts, right? 😉


Just like some posts/articles/web content have trigger warnings for rape, violence, abuse, etc., they need trigger warnings on things for BABIES IN PERIL and SUFFERING. I just broke down weeping because this one book I’m reading had a 4 year old boy trapped in a fire who refused to come out of his room and follow his mommy out the house because she had to hold onto a 3 month old baby and an 18 month old baby. And he felt betrayed! And he DIED. And he is stuck there as a ghost in the burning house because he is SO MAD.

All I can think of is my own DS throwing a tantrum at the most inconvenient time and me trying to get him out of the house to save him but having no way to do it.

WHY!? Why are there books with such obvious WEEPING BAIT? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU AUTHORS??

That is all. Carry on.

I’m obsessed with the show, The Vampire Diaries. Well, inasmuch as I get obsessed over shows nowadays. I’m not really involved in any online community about the show – but boy, do I enjoy watching the pretty!! How can there be so many pretty people in one place??

I started reading the books by LJ Smith, but I really couldn’t hack it. I think I read two of them and then had to stop. I must say that though I enjoy watching vampires, I don’t really care to read about them. hahaha. Weird, eh? Speaking of which, I also have never tried to read or watch any of the Twilight series. I think part of me is worried that I will actually like the books/stories. I’d really rather not validate that! (Make of that what you will.) But then, how can I make an honest critique if I’ve never read them? Seems a bit hypocritical, no?

Anyhow, this is all my brain can think of at the moment (it’s currently Friday night and I just wrote another post). Hopefully it will tie you over until I’m back. 🙂

I read a lot of books. Mostly in the sci-fi/fantasy as well as the Regency romance genres. Of course, because I plow through books at a rather fast clip, I am always looking for more books. For that, I depend on reviews and ratings via Goodreads or some blogs that I read.

However, when I do read reviews, particularly from this site, I find myself only scanning for the basic plot and using it to keep up to date on the latest releases. Why? Because according to some of their main reviewers, every book merits an A+ rating.

Really?? How is that even remotely possible? I’ve read a lot of books, (according to my Goodreads stats, I’ve read at least 904), and I’ve gotta say, that is not true! There are a lot of good books, but I wouldn’t say they are all fantastic.

The problem isn’t really that this reviewer is enthusiastic over the books she reads. The problem is that if all the ratings are awesome, the reviews themselves are useless. There is no way to truly gauge which books are better or worse than the others. They’re all just fabulous. That is NOT HELPFUL.

Not that this reviewer should be like me. I usually assume all books are about a 3 star (out of 5) rating. If they are reasonably good and entertaining, I give them 3 stars. If they are better than expected, maybe 4 stars. If they are ZOMGAMAZING, then, I will consider 5 stars. The opposite is true for the mediocre and complete waste of time books. Thus, my ratings actually have meaning. (At least, I think so.) Otherwise, things are completely indiscriminate.

The WORST, however, are when authors give books that are completely undeserving 5 stars just because they want a good review in return. Truly stupid. I would hope that as a writer, they would have better taste. *eyerolls* I’ve been burned many a time by overly enthusiastic reviews and I always think to myself, “Geez, if this author actually thinks this book is 5 star worthy, then I really have to re-think whether or not this author is actually a good writer. Perhaps they are just lucky. Because to even think that this book is on par with their own writing is just an insult to themselves.”

Ah well, like I’ve learned with movie reviews, it’s a beautiful thing when you can find a critic that you mostly agree with. That way, you won’t be steered too wrong from your own aesthetics. Everyone else, you just ignore.

I’ve chewed through three novels of at least 700 pages in the last five days. I’m exhausted. There are still three more left in this series, but it’s at least set 200 years in the future so I don’t mind holding off a bit before I tackle them.

Right now, I’m debating whether or not I want to read anything ever again (or at least, in the next week or so), or if I want to get started on watching a movie. 😀 I think I might end up choosing to watch the movie. Hee!

Well, it’s kind of a first babysitting. I’m dropping off DS with our normal Monday Mandarin Mommies Playgroup and leaving him there while I have to volunteer at an event. It’s only for a few hours and DS is familiar with the kids, but I still worry. It’s the first time I’ve left him with someone who is not either DH, my mother, or my grandaunt. I don’t know how I feel about it. In fact, I’m sure I’ll be more worried than DS will be.

In a similar volunteery note, I worked the cashier at our library’s used book sale today and picked up Harry Potter 2! Now, all I need is book 3 to complete my set. I’m picking them up slowly over the years. Certain books are worth having!

I boxed up at least eight boxes of books that I’m giving away or turning in for credit at the used book store – but some of them were difficult to give up. For example, I haven’t re-read them in decades and I don’t plan on ever doing so, yet I had a difficult time getting rid of the Dune series. I liked them the first time round, but then found them way to dusty the second go-round. (As in the setting. Frank Herbert’s writing was too good so I found myself constantly tired, thirsty and dusty on his desert planet!)

I know they’re science fiction classics and part of me wants them on my bookshelf for the status alone! But I will never read them again – and if I really want DS to read them in the future, there is a thing called the LIBRARY. It’s so silly. So, I’ve put them in the donate pile. Seriously, the “problems” I face.

So, a friend/acquaintance of mine recently wrote a post on The Peeta Complex (from The Hunger Games, if you haven’t read it, GO NOW). **Possible spoilers ahead?** Anyhow, he was commenting on the fact that The Perfect Boy Trope can be somewhat annoying – especially when in real life, the perfect guy is NOT going to wait around for the girl to figure out how awesome they are and want to be with them. *sigh* I’m doing a for crap job summing up his post.

Here’s a quote:

It’s not just Peeta. I’ve read a number of recent YA novels in which the protagonist inexplicably gains the affections of the Perfect Guy, and keeps them even though she’s very clear that she loves someone else, or at least doesn’t like him. Sometimes he wins her over, sometimes she feels she doesn’t deserve him, and sometimes he tragically dies for her. Oh, so tragically.

Anyhow, I think the reason why I, at least, love Peeta and Gale both chasing after Katniss, no matter how unlikable, is because in my heart of hearts, I know I am not really deserving of love at times and if some fantasy boy is going to love even Katniss, well shoot! There may be hope for me!! Plus, if it’s someone as awesome as Peeta (or really, Gale – but I’m Team PEETA), all the better!

And you know what? It kinda DID happen to me. Not choosing between my personal Peeta or Gale, but a NICE guy DID like me and I married him! Ok, ok… he didn’t win me over and I didn’t feel as if I didn’t deserve him and all sorts of romantic nonsense – but I sure do feel this way NOW! He is nice and sweet and kind and good (usually) and well, I’m me. heehee. There’s a reason my own brother – that’s right, my flesh and blood brother – calls DH, “The Most Patient Man in the World.”

Which reminds me of The Vampire Diaries, also a case of the main character (although, Elena is very likable) being chased after two men (the requisite Nice Guy, her boy friend, and the other requisite Bad Boy). Clearly, we womens like these tropes! After all, who doesn’t want to imagine herself as the lead in these series?

Well, pretty boys (both good and nice) are nice and all, but I prefer to leave the life and death situations to people in fiction. I’ll stick with my Nice Guy. 🙂

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