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In case you missed my rant about The Dark Knight Rises, here’s a YouTube video courtesy of my brother. SPOILERS AHEAD!!


First off, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD.



So, what I liked, first:

1) Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. She was smart, sexy, and funny. And hot.

2) Joseph Gordon Levitt. Because he is Joseph Gordon Levitt. RAWR.

3) Loved Batman’s cycle. Especially when it rounded corners.

4) The tech and visuals.

5) The emotional scene with Alfred Pennyworth when he confesses that he burned Rachel Dawes’s letter.

6) Cilian Murphy, because he’s awesome.
Ok. Now onto why I hate this movie with the fire of a thousand burning suns:

1) Way to character assassinate everybody, Nolan!! Commissioner Gordon, Bruce Wayne (for being a coward), Bane, Alfred, Talia, etc. You name it, Nolan ruined it.

2) Hi! Let’s send ALL OUR POLICEMAN UNDERGROUND at the SAME TIME! That doesn’t sound like a terrible idea at all!

3) Oh wait, they’re all trapped below ground? How will they ever get out? What? What’s a MANHOLE COVER??

4) And why do they bother keeping the policemen alive by sending them food and water when they BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF and KILL all the cops above ground?

5) Let’s have random colored people (mystical Arabs or something) chant weird things in weird languages to give pep talks to Bruce Wayne in the middle of a giant pit (with electricity and cable, natch) to help him succeed in jumping across broken rock walls without a rope!

6) How the hell did Bruce Wayne’s broken back get fixed when they were in the middle of a giant pit? By the only white person in the whole place?

7) Let’s ruin Talia.

8) Plus, let’s have Talia be the REAL leader of the League of Shadows – so much so that every one knows she’s the true leader ON SIGHT – but NO ONE ELSE has a clue. REALLY?

9) With all the possible Robins there are in canon (there are FOUR from which to choose), you take an obscure cop?

10) Neutron bombs? REALLY? Exploding over the bay is better than in Gotham City? (I suppose.) No blast radius? No CANCER FOREVER AFTER?

11) Let’s have 3,000 cops run straight into MACHINE GUN FIRE. Great idea. What is this, pre-revolutionary war tactics?

I. Just. Blargh.

I love Batman. You don’t understand how much I love Batman. But I fucking hated this movie. It’s been five days and I’m STILL pissed.

Oops! Forgot to post last night so let me dash one off right now before I forget and go back to sleep. (I’s sweepies.) For your reading pleasure (and my terrible memory), here are some kiddo updates!

1) DS and I have been watching Avatar: The Last Airbender together for the past few months. We are almost done with Book 2. Now that we’re about 40 episodes in, DS LOVES the show and the cartoon characters on it. Since I have one of the show’s art books and a few of their graphic novels, DS has been flipping through them everyday. Everyday, he asks to see Aang, the show’s main character, and we go through the massive art book or the comics.

Now, that art book cost at least $30 and is a coffee table book. At first, I totally freaked out about him possibly ripping pages, etc, but then I thought, “What’s the point of having something that doesn’t get used or loved? Am I going to remember a pristine book or have lovely memories of sharing this joy with my son?” I stopped caring about the book itself and decided I would rather my son enjoy a possession vs. be a slave to it. Besides, a book is made to be enjoyed, not put carefully away on a shelf. That, and I taught DS how to turn the pages a little more gently and he’s been really good about it. Plus, if he ruins it, I can always buy another one. 😀

Almost every day, DS asks to see “Tian Niu,” (a rough Chinese translation for Sky Bison), so we watch one or two episodes on DVD. I forget that because he is so young, he thinks the sky bison and the “bending/martial arts” is real. In the show, there are four nations: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. People are capable of psychokinetically moving (aka “bending”) one of the elements using martial arts and the animation is beautiful and awesome.

The other day, I was pushing DD in a car and DS was riding his motorcycle. We were blocking DS’s way and all of a sudden, DS made a “Stop in the name of love” motion and said, “Push!” He did this a few times and I realized he was trying to “bend” me out of his way. HAHAHAHA! Awesome.

2) I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this already, but DD is most likely going to walk as early as DS did. DS walked just five days shy of nine months. DD is currently cruising around rather well and is getting better at standing without any assistance on her own. (By that, I mean once she has pulled/pushed herself into a standing position, she will let go and stand for a few seconds before crashing to earth.) One of the cutest sights in the world is when I go into her room to pick her up and she is standing in her crib, peering over side, grinning at me. She is super aggressive and is crawling (mostly backward) and rolling and tripodding around. She cannot be stopped – only contained!

3) DD loves to play. I realize that all babies love to play, but we’re talking about MY baby here, not all babies. 😉 Anyhow, DD just shakes with anticipation when we include her in our games. She waves and flaps her arms and kicks her legs and feet. She shrieks in joy. She goes all in and is so sad if everyone leaves the room (even for a second). DD HATES being left behind.

4) DD also refuses baby food. She only wants foods that require chewing and have flavor! DS preferred sweets. DD prefers savory! Gotta love these little fatties. 😀

5) DS has started to sing little songs to himself. Mostly, they are versions of “Happy Birthday.” He is big on that song because he loves to watch a video of our friend’s kid singing, “Happy Birthday.” Plus, he loves to watch his one year birthday party video where everyone sings that to him and he cackles with glee.

6) DS is starting to count now. It’s hilarious. In English, he will count, “1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7.” In Chinese, he counts, “1, 2, 7, 8, 9.” I love how he skips different numbers in different languages.

7) DS now tells us about his day and it is so cute! I love how his little brain works and what he finds important to share with us. Mostly, he tells us about trains, or what he ate or who he played with. So lovely.

Ok, that’s all I can think of now and I want to catch some sleep. I love my job. 😀

In about 30 minutes, the premier of The Legend of Korra premiers on TV!! YAY! Even though we’re on the West Coast, the HD channels usually broadcast on EST and then again at the West Coast time. YAY!!

That is all. Today will be filled with wedding prep. I have to find a dress, some shoes (because my feet got bigger after my first pregnancy), and perhaps get a pedicure. I am excited. 😀

Sorry about the no post yesterday night. We went out to watchThe Hunger Games while my mom watched the kiddos. Turns out, DS refused to sleep until 11pm and as a result, was rather a pill today. But an earlier than usual nap seemed to cure most of it. 😀 I thought the movie was good but the book was much better. However, DH, who doesn’t read fiction, thought the movie was really good.

So, there you go. 😀

Also, some random thoughts to close out the post:

1) I find it odd that Evangelical Christians want so badly to make the laws of this country a return to Biblical values. Particularly since the Old Testament Israelites had laws that were technically, Biblical. And truly, they had plenty of rape, crime, adultery, idolatry, and a run of real shitty rulers. Furthermore, in the New Testament, (I think), it is written that ALL have fallen short of the Law, and that all are condemned by the Law. Not sure what the point of this thought is except that I find it ironic as well as sad.

2) I think DS and DD are so adorable and sweet and cute and lovely and I break out into happy tears whenever I ponder them a little too deeply. ALL THESE FEELINGS!!

3) After having had children, I have discovered so many new fears. (This, in itself, could be a long post. As it is, we will just stick with a quickie.) I find myself bargaining with God as well as just looking at the odds of something bad happening (in order to calm myself down). After all, I am 33 and nothing truly terrible has happened to me (nor to the majority of my friends) so the odds of something happening to my children is also very slim. Sometimes, the slim odds aren’t enough to comfort me.

4) I feel guilty that I bought all these used Thomas and Friends trains when I just saw some pics of my friend’s kid with brand new ones. I don’t know why I feel guilty about buying used ones since FFS these things are EXPENSIVE brand new and really, DS couldn’t care less since all he knows is that they are trains and are his and he loves them enough to sleep with them for naps and at bedtime, but still, I feel bad for some reason. *whew* Deep breath.

5) I am pretty frakkin’ tired yet I am still on the intarwebz. Clearly, I am also an idiot. A tired idiot.

OMG, I don’t know why I can’t stop watching these shows. Furthermore, how can there be so many hoarders in the world that not one but TWO networks have shows on them? Insane.

Currently, we’re watching one where this lady with fibro myalgia lives in a house full of trash and millions of cockroaches. *shudders* You know, I don’t care if someone lives in filth (it’s their own house, I suppose), but I DO have a huge problem when they subject their children to it. That is wrong. How is that not child abuse?

Anyhow, I have a whole list of topics on which I wish to blog, but I’m lazy tonight. I will get cracking on Friday. 😀

So, a friend/acquaintance of mine recently wrote a post on The Peeta Complex (from The Hunger Games, if you haven’t read it, GO NOW). **Possible spoilers ahead?** Anyhow, he was commenting on the fact that The Perfect Boy Trope can be somewhat annoying – especially when in real life, the perfect guy is NOT going to wait around for the girl to figure out how awesome they are and want to be with them. *sigh* I’m doing a for crap job summing up his post.

Here’s a quote:

It’s not just Peeta. I’ve read a number of recent YA novels in which the protagonist inexplicably gains the affections of the Perfect Guy, and keeps them even though she’s very clear that she loves someone else, or at least doesn’t like him. Sometimes he wins her over, sometimes she feels she doesn’t deserve him, and sometimes he tragically dies for her. Oh, so tragically.

Anyhow, I think the reason why I, at least, love Peeta and Gale both chasing after Katniss, no matter how unlikable, is because in my heart of hearts, I know I am not really deserving of love at times and if some fantasy boy is going to love even Katniss, well shoot! There may be hope for me!! Plus, if it’s someone as awesome as Peeta (or really, Gale – but I’m Team PEETA), all the better!

And you know what? It kinda DID happen to me. Not choosing between my personal Peeta or Gale, but a NICE guy DID like me and I married him! Ok, ok… he didn’t win me over and I didn’t feel as if I didn’t deserve him and all sorts of romantic nonsense – but I sure do feel this way NOW! He is nice and sweet and kind and good (usually) and well, I’m me. heehee. There’s a reason my own brother – that’s right, my flesh and blood brother – calls DH, “The Most Patient Man in the World.”

Which reminds me of The Vampire Diaries, also a case of the main character (although, Elena is very likable) being chased after two men (the requisite Nice Guy, her boy friend, and the other requisite Bad Boy). Clearly, we womens like these tropes! After all, who doesn’t want to imagine herself as the lead in these series?

Well, pretty boys (both good and nice) are nice and all, but I prefer to leave the life and death situations to people in fiction. I’ll stick with my Nice Guy. 🙂