Ok. As promised, here are DS’s updates:

1) DS is starting to pick up things I do way too fast. (I mean, he did before, but now, I really have to watch it.) He recently gave me a time out for tossing a toy onto the train table. He said (in Chinese), “Bad Mommy! No throwing! Time out!”

2) DS also tells me to “Be careful, Mommy!” when we go down the stairs. He wants to make sure I hold onto the bannister and tells me to go slowly.

3) One morning, when he accidentally dropped a bunch of cereal in my lap, he kept repeating, “I’m sorry, Mommy!” It was one of the few times he actually said, “Sorry” correctly. It was sweet. He kept kissing me and hugging me. (I extract kisses per apology. Those are the rules. I don’t make them. *shrug*)

4) After trying out the pre-school a few weeks ago, it is pretty clear that DS was a little too young. He enjoyed it, but his attention span was too short. He might be better suited in a few months. However, I will now be trying to have him do some Montessori-esque activities to start prepping him for pre-school. Sorting beads, threading macaroni, screwing and unscrewing jars, etc. He really does enjoy it! (I have to remember that those are option instead of always resorting to the iPhone.)

5) Mealtimes are my least favorite times of day. Other than the sheer headache of figuring out what to feed him, (although, I’ve been more and more just having him eat what we eat,) it is getting him to eat it. Bribery, screaming, cajoling, what not. I HATE IT. I want to thwack him so hard sometimes. It would seem that I’m trying to POISON him. Geez. Sometimes, I miss breastfeeding.

6) DS has started to need some sort of outside activity (running, riding his plasma car, pulling the wagon) or he will not nap easily. This makes me very sad because that means I do not get to nap, either. BOOOOOOOOO! Plus, if he does end up napping, he doesn’t end up falling asleep until past 10pm. But if he doesn’t nap, sometimes, he is a real pill. Blargh. Transitions suck.

7) Now that so many of his friends are in preschool, I’ve been scrambling to find different/new friends for him to play with. Inevitably, most of them are much younger. It makes me sad. Other people’s children are forcing me to pay money so that DS will have something to do! BLARGH.

8) He really is just a bundle of laughs. So full of energy. Loves his trains (I keep buying more materials). Loves cars. Loves TV. (Terrible, I know.) He just has so much personality. I’m also starting to switch out some books we read to him at bedtime because I am getting bored, but more so, he is starting to like stories. It’s just getting harder for me to translate them into Chinese.

9) Ever since I got a small used sandbox, DS actually wants to play in the sand! (He hates playing in the sand at parks.)

10) It’s so crazy that he is his own person. DS can be understood by people other than ME, now! He’s getting so tall and so big. *sniff* I can’t believe he’s almost three!

11) I am trying to teach DS letters and numbers and he’s not bad. Actually, he’s the one who started wanting to know what letters were in the books we were reading.

Anyhow, his favorite letter in the whole world is W. I have no idea why, but it is.

This is how he sings the ABC song. “ABCD W birfday!”

12) Incidentally, he loves birthdays because there is cake. On the morning of my birthday, DH made the mistake of telling him it was my birthday as soon as he woke up. This was followed by much insistent demanding of “birfday caaaaaaake!”

Ok. That’s all I can think of for now. I am sure more will come to me.


So I will just have a short update today.

1) Since I’m sick of DS waking up soaking through his night time diaper every day, I have removed his water from his room. He did not enjoy that this evening and cried and screamed on and off (he hasn’t done this for a long time now) for about 45 minutes before he finally went to sleep.

2) Operation Stop Thumb Sucking commences tomorrow. I would’ve started tonight, but I removed his water and didn’t want him to have no means to comfort himself – by sucking his thumb OR by drinking water to remove the taste of Mavala Stop from his mouth.

3) I am holding off on potty training boot camp until the week of 2/13. Then I am taking my kid over to a friend’s house and we are turning up the heat and stripping our kiddos and feeding them lots of salty foods and lots of water. For a week. It will be fun.

Hrm… this was a decent sized post after all! YAY!

Last night when DH found out I bought the train, he said, “At some point, I’d like a house.” Meaning that we live in a giant toy store. 😀 But at least the train isn’t constantly out. And DS really loves it so it’s great? YES! It’s great!!

But seriously, I need to stay off the internets and out of my friends’ houses because they are sources of supreme temptation.

A friend of mine from my Mandarin Mommies group told us that her husband was making her give up a giant dollhouse because she just got her kid a kitchen. They have a one thing in and one thing out rule. I said, “That’s ridiculous! You’re having another baby, does that mean you’re kicking your husband out?”

My friends all laughed and wondered why I immediately went there. hahahah. They asked if DH should be worried. I replied, “I am, if anything, practical. I can’t get rid of the gravy train.”

Poor DH. Poor husbands everywhere.

As DH would say, this lady is now on The List. (As in, my shit list. It’s ever long and growing. *sigh*) We went to a BBQ this afternoon and lots of first time pregnant women were there. Some other lady and my friends were talking about swaddling and she turned to me to say, “I’m sure you did a lot of swaddling with DS. You know how it works.”

I replied, “We did, but it didn’t always work and most of the time, DS slept better on his tummy with a blanket. I know, we’re ‘bad parents.'”

In a horrified voice, this random woman exclaims, “Haven’t you heard of SIDs?”

I wanted to punch her in the face. I replied, “DS could lift his head the day he was born. Plus, we all slept on our tummies when we were babies and we’re alive and fine. Clearly, he survived.” Then she went away. I wish it were because I PUNCHED HER IN THE FACE.

(That usually is my go-to response for every slight.)

Seriously? You don’t know me at all and you’re going to judge me on my parenting? You know nothing about my kid or his situation, and you’re giving me shit? STFU you stupid cow.

I truly hate self-righteous people. (Irony alert!) It happens all the time in mommy groups. “Oh, you let your kid watch TV? I would never let my kid watch TV.”

Really? Is my child deficient? Not active enough? Why don’t you take you and your TVless kid and go away? How about my awesome baby and I smack you in the face? I don’t tell you about how you should be using cloth diapers because you’re killing the earth with your plastic wrapped poop for millions of years. How about you do me the same courtesy and STFU?

I know, I know. Who would ever want to get in a conversation with me and tell me anything? Give me some credit. I’m not always an ass out loud. 😀

So, this mandarin mommies group I’m a part of (a friend from high school is in it, too), we have a group of four mommies (three of who are pregnant) apart from the main group – and we’ve been eating SO MUCH this week.

On Monday, we went to Great China (the best peking duck ever) and had gelato afterward. (We even brought the kiddos.) Tuesday, we ate at Mexican food after going to a kid’s play area. Wednesday, one of the mommies’ dad made us a bunch of awesome sauce (Ja Jiang) for noodles and delivered it to our houses. Then on Friday, we had dumplings and chinese food again for lunch. At night, I had a craving for Taiwanese shaved ice, so after the kiddos were asleep, we went out to get shaved ice. THEN, we ate some Ramen.

And now, I just went out again to pick up some Ramen. Clearly, that craving is now fixed. 🙂

All this means is that the mommies are fat and happy, but the kiddos have stocked up on a lot of snacks. *sigh* I don’t think we can be this gluttonous all that often – but boy was it awesome!

Just found out that my cousin’s baby boy (he’s about four months old) doesn’t really cry at all. He lives with a nanny (vs. the nanny living with them) and his parents come visit him after work and then take him home on the weekends. I didn’t have the heart to inform them that it wasn’t necessarily a good thing. That babies only learn not to cry if their cries are not attended to – because there is no point in crying if it doesn’t do anything. Babies in orphanages do that. It makes me very angry and very sad.

Why bother having a child if you can’t be bothered to take care of him?

Then, I think of the book I’m currently reading, Dreams in a Time of War by Ngugi Wa Thiong’O, and I’m just astounded by the poverty and injustice and cruelty that seemed to be normal at the time of his growing up (1940s). I realize that’s just how people lived back then, often hungry and poor. But the thought of hungry little children makes me so sad.

Then, I think of all the children in the world right now who are not wanted and are abandoned or are hungry and may be loved, but just weren’t born in the “right” part of the world. I think of my own little boy and can’t imagine any child that isn’t precious or loved. I want to weep just thinking about it. (As a result, I don’t think about it much. It’s too hard for my poor little heart to handle – and really difficult for me to remain a stoic, emotionless jerk.)

The irony is, of course, that today, during a play group today, I met and instantly couldn’t stand a three year old boy. Seriously, within five minutes of meeting him, I wanted to smack him and kick him out of my house. He kept complaining and wanted to go home and watch TV. He hated my house and my toys. He didn’t want to share or play well with the other little kids. I realize he’s only three, but I’ve met three year olds who weren’t, to quote DH, “little assholes.” hahaha.

Funny how children are precious in abstraction but not so much when they’re not yours and kinda nasty. (People are like that, too.)

Clearly, this says more about me than the kids.