Nothing makes me feel instantly better than a great cut with sassy hair. Nothing instantly deflates that feeling like two weeks going by without a single person (other than your own spouse and mother who already knew about the haircut) mentioning the cut. Then, when two people finally do, it’s, “Oh, you got a haircut.” *sigh*


It’s probably what everyone is blogging about or talking about, but you know what? It’s on my mind. DH and I were watching the tsunami LIVE last night when he got back from the airport. It completely blew my mind. It was like watching a movie, but way less intense. Like, I knew the wave was huge, but from so high up, you couldn’t really tell. Only when you watched it sweep away homes, buildings, debris, cars, EVERYTHING, did you realize, OMG, that thing is HUGE and so fast!

What got me most though, were the cars perhaps a block over either fleeing the water or completely oblivious. And the CNN anchorwoman made NO mention of these people, these PEOPLE, until a person she was interviewing mentioned them. I just couldn’t believe that I was perhaps watching people die. How insane of a world do we live in which we can watch such devastation LIVE?

And then, all I could think of was DS and how if in the event of a major earthquake (which is very likely where we live), would his baby monitor fall down off the wall and kill him? Yes, these are the morbid thoughts in which I dwell upon late at night before falling asleep. I think, are we high enough or far enough inland so that a tsunami wouldn’t hit us? We’re about what, 20 miles from the coast?

I have our emergency disaster kit – I better go get us some water. *sigh*

I’ve had a grumpy few days but I feel much better today! (Especially since it turns out that the table top factory made the error – I guess it was a typo – and they’ll send me the new table tops at their cost in a few weeks. And I get to keep the “wrong” ones. I’m sure I’ll find some use for them – other than them being in the way and taking up space.)

Plus, we had our new upright piano delivered today! I had a lot of fun playing on it (entertaining DS, you know) and DS had a great time dancing and singing and playing along. He’s a musical genius, that one. 😉

So, one could argue that I’m feeling better because my circumstances have changed. Fine! I’m a fair-weather person, but that’s ok. 🙂 I’m happy right now (and DH is very pleased about that, let me assure you). Nothing new to report other than to provide some closure on the last few posts. (I have always hated reading about something on a blog and never hearing about the resolution. So here you go. Resolution.)


We went to our local zoo today for the first time with DS today. He liked the flamingos, giraffes, and monkeys. And he loved the goats and sheep because we could go pet them. 🙂 However, as we were walking around looking at the animals, DH and I were struck by how sad these animals were in their enclosures. I especially felt super sorry for the elephants. They’re used to running around in their herds over miles and miles of territory and now they’re stuck in this horrible, treeless, muddy area where they’re thrown carrots and apples by their keepers. It’s just too sad to imagine.

One could argue that if they weren’t in the zoo, they would be dead. (And perhaps they can’t survive in the wild.) But it’s so sad!! So terribly sad! I see zoos as necessary evils. By seeing the animals, we may create an added value for these animals. However, by having them in these “jails” it is sad for those particular animals.

My only comfort is that one day, humans will be another zoo exhibit on some alien planet. (I suppose that’s not really a comfort – but it would be all just desserty!)

I blame it on the continued breastfeeding. Even though I’m down to about 3 times a day, I think it’s still enough to have a ton of baby hormones coursing through my veins and making me a watering pot. I cry (or get teary) at commercials. Plot lines involving babies and children. Weddings. Births. Cute pics of babies.

I never used to even like other people’s babies. But now, put a baby in it and you’ve got me!! I can’t watch shows where babies are in danger or sick or what have you. It’s far too traumatizing.

What brought this on today? Today, I saw one of my friends get married. Don’t really care for the new spouse, but whatever. As long as it makes my friend happy. (After all, I’m not the one who has to live with them!) I got all teary-eyed at the altar when they said, “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

*sigh* Love and marriage can be lovely. 🙂