I must say, I will no longer call my trips to LA vacation. In fact, we’ll just call them family trips, because it was a trip and it was with family to visit family. The only relaxing part was when we showed up at my friend, CB’s place in San Diego. That was awesome. I didn’t have to think about what to feed my family for four days. CB took care of everything. She held DD; her boys entertained DS. She planned fun and engaging activities. It was awesome.

In LA, we mostly just saw DH’s family and some old friends. It was fun, but really stressful since the kids were getting used to sleeping in the same room. Plus, DD really didn’t get good naps in until maybe the third day. Poor thing was exhausted. DS was too excited to sleep on the way down and he kept asking to go home. (In between asking for Gran Gran.)

The drive home was rough. From SD to LA was fantastic. DD was asleep before we pulled away from CB’s house. DS fell asleep shortly after. Then when we got to LA, the last 2 miles to DH’s mom’s house was brutal traffic. I hate LA. (I never thought I would say those words.)

Of course, because DH’s mom is not normal and is a hoarder, we couldn’t stop at her house. Both kids weren’t having the car anymore and DD pooped. We tried to go to a park but there was no parking and they were filming something so we ended up in a Ralph’s parking lot. DS just ran up and down the aisles.

Of course, my MIL was no help. DH was so pissed at her because she would just stand as DS disappeared. DH was on the phone trying to take care of a tax thing for her and I was carrying DD. It was madness. We had to go to the bathroom at the grocery store because her house was too fucking disgusting.

We dropped her back home because seriously, what was there to do? The last thing any of us wanted was to force the kids to sit still again in a restaurant. DD was crying again so we stopped at a parking lot to feed. DS just ran around and screamed.

Then we started off. As soon as we put DD back in her seat, she started to cry. This would become a pattern. She finally fell asleep but then DS had to poo.

We stopped, changed DS and grab some fast food. We head off and DD was pissed. She was so happy to be out. Ten minutes later, DS had to poo again. We took a break and fed DD and DS stared at my phone because I had to bribe him to get back into his seat. DD was weeping as soon as I put her down. I started to cry.

This is where it gets awesome. Fifteen minutes later, DS demands to get out of his seat. Of course we can’t so I give him the iPad telling him there are no videos/YouTube on there. Desperately playing with the iPad hoping for videos, DS finally pushes it away.

He starts to cry and demand to get out. I didn’t want him to wake up DD so I give him my phone for half an hour. After that, he gives it back and begins to beg to get out. It is 830. We have another 3.5 hrs to go.

Then he says he pooped. By now, he has pooped twice and I think he will say anything to get out. DD was asleep and I didn’t want to stop the car, have her wake up and cry again.

DS proceeds to scream for the next hour as if I am killing him. “Open! No more bye bye! Up! Mommy!” DD also screams hoarsely, for about half an hour. She finally falls back asleep and DS screams on. He finally falls asleep.

Around 1030, with about an hour to go, DH goes over a bumpy stretch of road and DS wakes up screaming for another half hour or so. DD of course wakes up, too.

Finally they fall asleep again about 15 minutes from the house and we make it home. Thank God.

Of course, DS’s diaper was full of orange poo. I forgot he drank so much good juice after a week of bad food that the kid had been sitting in poop for three hours. No wonder he was pissed. Poor guy.

He refused to sleep in his room so DH slept with him and he’s out around 1am. DD is out, too. Promptly at 7am, DS pops up and is up for the day. Of course he wakes DD.

I am still traumatized. We are never leaving the house again. (Except, of course, when we leave for Hawaii at the end of June. I am completely dreading this.)

So, in a nutshell: LA OK. SD Awesome. Driving SUCKED.


My brain is mush. 😦 My brother is getting married on Saturday and I’m bummed that I really won’t get to see him at all since he is so busy
(understandably so). Plus, this is likely the only time he’ll be able to visit this year so unless we go see him in DC for Christmas or something, I won’t see him at all. 😦 It makes me super sad. Partly because I want him to see my awesome kids, and partly because, well, he is AWESOME and I miss him. WHY DOES HE HAVE TO LIVE IN DC???

Also, a bunch of my cousins are flying for the wedding (harumph, they didn’t fly in for MY wedding, *grumble*grumble*grumble*) and will only be staying the weekend as well. I know it’s selfish of me to expect people to stay longer (especially to see my awesome babies) but I really am sad. We are all so far-flung and so rarely get to see each other. It seems a shame not see them longer.

I may have mentioned that my uncle was going to be in town this weekend but that they were “too busy” to see us. It annoyed me because, really? But tonight, at 9:15pm, my youngest cousin IMs me and says that her dad says it’s ok for us to come by and see them. I’m sure she didn’t mean to sound as presumptuous as it did, but whatever. I was almost tempted to be sarcastic, but she’s like 12 or something and that’s not necessary. She is, after all, very excited to meet DS!

So, I will force us up early (because I think I still might have a playgroup tomorrow at my house for a last hurrah – but it depends on whether or not DS is still running a low fever or not) but I guess it is worth it. My grandmother is also here, but in a different room and I don’t want to see her. If she is there, I guess I will be civil. But I have no idea what I will do then.

Ah well. Family is fun?

So, I had a post all planned out in my head but then, by the time I could do anything about it, I can’t remember. *sigh* Thus are the perils of Baby/Prego Brain.

Sorry about that. If I can remember, however, I’ll be sure to post something more interesting than this place filler.

On the bright side, though, (and completely unrelated) I finally uploaded a bunch of YouTube videos for DS and downloaded a bunch of pictures since April. Yes, yes, yes. April. Now I have room for DD when she shows up.

Also, after IMing with my little cousin, I found out that she and her family (my self-righteous uncle who shares a mother with my father), will be in SF around my due date. But after saying we’d like to visit with them, I found out that my grandmother will be there as well. Awkward. So I said that I would love to see her and her sister, but not grandmother.

*sigh* Family is hard. Well now, turns out I did have a mini-post after all, eh?