DH found out he got laid off today. 😦 He gets severance and all and we’re not too worried about him finding another job (and quickly, at that), but most likely, he’ll be starting a new job right when the new baby is born. Plus, whenever you start a new job, you have to start off working really hard – so that will be difficult with a new baby and two other kiddos, but we’ll make it work.

But in the interim, it gave me a good reason to cancel a lot of extraneous things.


A dear friend of mine has been trying for several years to get pregnant with her second child. Last summer, she made it to about 12 weeks before finding out at her routine ultrasound that there was no heartbeat. It took another year before she got pregnant again. Today was her 12 week ultrasound (where she was finally beginning to hope) and again, there was no heartbeat.

It is so sad and awful.

I am so grateful (and feel so guilty) that I’ve had two easy pregnancies and two beautiful babies to show for it. DH was so sad upon hearing of my friend that he told me to get flowers and whatever would help make my friend feel a little better. (Not that flowers make dead babies better, but you know.) DH was still so sad this evening when he got home and hugged DS super tight. He kept saying it was so horrible and that he was so sad and that we were so lucky.

Times like these, I am pleasantly surprised by how sweet DH can be. (Not that he’s normally not at all sweet, but I don’t know why I think stuff like this doesn’t affect him.)

So sad. 😦

DH comes home tonight after a few days in NYC. 🙂 YAY! That is all.