So, I totally forgot to tell you all about our awesome and super successful Easter Egg Hunt!! We had approximately 50 people (including kids) show up and about 600 eggs. We had so many eggs that the kids got bored and tired of picking them up and decided to sit down and open them instead. LOL. We had a ton of food and great weather and it was just so much fun. I think I am definitely going to throw one yearly.

Seriously, I was super proud of myself. I think it may have been the best event I’ve ever hosted. 🙂 A great, lovely time was had by all. DS was ecstatic that so many of his friends were there and they went crazy for the bubble machine (yes, I have one) and the play ground and of course, the eggs. DD was bored of the egg hunt (she was like, “Didn’t we already do this?”) and ate crackers instead. She has her priorities straight. The kids played T-ball, we barely had to watch our children because there were so many parents and kids – plus they were all MY friends!!

*sigh* If only every thing I did would go off that well. heehee!


Welp, the Easter Egg Hunt went well! DS had a blast (especially eating chocolate covered strawberries) and the practicing sure helped! Earlier in the day, he also got to see a fire truck at the Farmer’s Market and had fun there, too! He even got a free fireman’s hat!

Then of course, we went home and had to force him to nap. This evening, we got back from visiting our friends and their newborn. I always forget how little these guys are!! And how soft and squooshy and how hard it is to hold them and their little necks. 🙂 DS was very upset when I held the newborn. DH was a little sad at first that DS didn’t care when he was holding the newborn, but after awhile, DS got mad, too. DH said it made him feel much better. 🙂

Of course, we’re all completely wiped out. Weekends can sometimes be exhausting. Thank goodness DS forces us to rest at least 2-3 hours every afternoon!