Things I am supremely thankful today:

1) My brother chose ME to share a lovely secret the other day. It made me SO HAPPY that he chose me! heehee!

2) The wife of a very close family friend told me that she considers us sisters. LOVELY.

3) Even though it’s probably messing up DS’s sleep training, I love how DS will request DH to snuggle with him and cozy with him and fall asleep together in DS’s room. It’s sweet.

4) When DD wakes up refreshed from sleep, she has the most beautiful and radiant grin. It’s lovely. The smiles come through her eyes.

5) I got to chat with an online friend yesterday. Haven’t live chatted in years. Made me very happy. 😀 We discussed The Vampire Diaries because it is fun and fluffy and not at all serious.


Today was an absolutely lovely day. I prevailed upon some good friends and tagged along on their nature walk among the redwoods in Oakland today. DS and DD came along while DH stayed home and relaxed a bit and watched the football playoffs. DS enjoyed seeing all the dogs, running after my friend’s husband, playing on playgrounds, and walking under immense redwood trees.

We are so lucky to live in an area where such amazing nature and beauty (and tiring activities such as walking amongst such wonders) are less than an hour’s drive away. I am so grateful to good friends and nature!

It got me thinking again, though, that I am remiss in not taking DS and DD out to the woods or camping or all these scoutish activities. There is something to be said to be connected to this earth and to realize that there are things out there beyond our technology. I want my children to be connected to their environment – beyond the pristine parks of our neighborhoods. I want them to know awe and beauty and find this world worth being within and appreciating and protecting.

I want to do this again (but am a bit afraid to go by myself). So, I will attach myself like a barnacle to my friends who are much more into this than I am. (clearly)

Yay for friends with divergent interests and infinite patience!

Our dear friends from Sacramento trekked out to see DD today and have their two boys play with DS. They are so sweet and it is always lovely to spend time in their presence. Their love for us and our babies always overflows and makes us feel super special. We are lucky to have such good friends.

Sorry for such a short post today. I’m pretty tired and my brain is mush. 🙂