Nothing like looking at a first time parent’s baby registry to make you feel smug and superior. Seriously – socks for a baby born in June in LA? Or newborn specific bath towels? REALLY? *sigh*

When I was registering for my first kid, I made my friend who had a baby a year ahead of me do my registry. That way, I was more assured of not having useless or wasted items on my list. As it happened, I still bought plenty of crap that didn’t need to be purchased. (I’m looking at you, bottle warmer!) I think it upsets me because I know every one has a limited budget and money supply for new babies. Why would you want to waste your money on crap that will just clutter your house as well as not use?

BLARGH. I know. I’m just a crotchety, smug, asshat.


Sometimes, I really hate Facebook memes. “Parents need to fill a child’s bucket of self esteem so high that the rest of the world can’t poke enough holes to drain it dry.” – Alvin Price

Really?! That is a crock of shit. Part of my job as a parent is to make my kids competent so their self-esteem is based in REALITY. Otherwise, you just have delusional and useless people.

FFS. I just want to punch the person who posted this in the face.

We’re currently in LA but through the power of time travel, magic, and blog scheduling, I’m writing this in the past for the future! Every year, I make this trek and though it totally stresses me out, it always ends up being worth it. (At least the SD portion, my FAVORITE – which is yet to come!) This time, I am hoping it will be better than last year’s since I have scheduled more face time with friends than DH’s family. Is that awful? Not that we’re not going to see his family. I am just not going to go out of my way, bending over backwards to see them. Which makes me MUCH HAPPIER. And far less stressed out.

But I AM pleased that I made an effort to get in touch with more of DH’s friends. He’s the worst at keeping in touch with his college friends. The only reason he sees them at all is because I try to make sure he sees them when we’re in LA. I think it’s sad not to nurture friendships that have the benefit of time and nostalgia. Sure, they may be in totally different places now, but it’s still good to be around people who “knew us when.” so to speak.

Anyhow, this is a pretty blathery post because I still need to finish packing and finish a ton of laundry (well, all that’s really left are DD’s diapers) and me making sure my picky eater DS won’t starve and will at least have a ton of snacks. That’s the beauty of packing for a road trip in a mini-van. There is a TON of space. 🙂 That’s the only thing that isn’t stressing me out. Heehee.

My mother thought I was a Republican. When she said that there were two votes for Republicans in my house (she was including DH), I burst out laughing. I was in shock. “What?!”

How could my own mother think I was a Republican? Not that there is anything wrong with being one – but to so misjudge me!! Does she never hear the words that come out of my mouth?

And it got me to thinking how we sometimes don’t really SEE our family members (other people in general, really) for who they really are. We often see a mash up of what we want to see, what is really there, and what they want us to see. Have I been living my life in ways inconsistent with the Democratic Party? LOL. Not that I really give a crap about them, either. But, GEEZ!

First off, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD.



So, what I liked, first:

1) Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. She was smart, sexy, and funny. And hot.

2) Joseph Gordon Levitt. Because he is Joseph Gordon Levitt. RAWR.

3) Loved Batman’s cycle. Especially when it rounded corners.

4) The tech and visuals.

5) The emotional scene with Alfred Pennyworth when he confesses that he burned Rachel Dawes’s letter.

6) Cilian Murphy, because he’s awesome.
Ok. Now onto why I hate this movie with the fire of a thousand burning suns:

1) Way to character assassinate everybody, Nolan!! Commissioner Gordon, Bruce Wayne (for being a coward), Bane, Alfred, Talia, etc. You name it, Nolan ruined it.

2) Hi! Let’s send ALL OUR POLICEMAN UNDERGROUND at the SAME TIME! That doesn’t sound like a terrible idea at all!

3) Oh wait, they’re all trapped below ground? How will they ever get out? What? What’s a MANHOLE COVER??

4) And why do they bother keeping the policemen alive by sending them food and water when they BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF and KILL all the cops above ground?

5) Let’s have random colored people (mystical Arabs or something) chant weird things in weird languages to give pep talks to Bruce Wayne in the middle of a giant pit (with electricity and cable, natch) to help him succeed in jumping across broken rock walls without a rope!

6) How the hell did Bruce Wayne’s broken back get fixed when they were in the middle of a giant pit? By the only white person in the whole place?

7) Let’s ruin Talia.

8) Plus, let’s have Talia be the REAL leader of the League of Shadows – so much so that every one knows she’s the true leader ON SIGHT – but NO ONE ELSE has a clue. REALLY?

9) With all the possible Robins there are in canon (there are FOUR from which to choose), you take an obscure cop?

10) Neutron bombs? REALLY? Exploding over the bay is better than in Gotham City? (I suppose.) No blast radius? No CANCER FOREVER AFTER?

11) Let’s have 3,000 cops run straight into MACHINE GUN FIRE. Great idea. What is this, pre-revolutionary war tactics?

I. Just. Blargh.

I love Batman. You don’t understand how much I love Batman. But I fucking hated this movie. It’s been five days and I’m STILL pissed.

Lately, my mom has been making these “joking” statements about how she can’t count on my brother and I to support her in her old age. That one of her friend’s kids works on Wall Street and bought her a Mini Cooper and gives her a monthly allowance and how she knows not to expect that from us. Now, once or twice, I can see that as genuinely being a joke. But she has been saying it a few times a week now, and it’s starting to piss me off. Because if she says it that often, that means deep down, she believes it.

Now don’t get me wrong, of course we’ll try to help her or whatever, make sure she’s not eating cat food or whatever, but seriously? My mom has money. She just makes poor choices. And it makes me angry that she chooses to do things that I don’t think are the wisest with her money – and then complain that we aren’t supporting her. Because she can make DIFFERENT choices!

She’s not a profligate spender or whatever, but she is worried about retirement and having enough money to live comfortably. I get that. It’s scary. But you know what? Don’t live in a mansion that requires a good 70k/year just for UPKEEP. Move to a smaller house! (Don’t try to convince me to move in with you and pay rent instead!)

I am leaving a lot of details out, of course. And we would never let her starve, etc. But this sniping has got to STOP.

I have totally spoiled DS rotten. So much so that when it comes to food, I’ve totally let him dictate what he eats. (Ok, not entirely, but seriously, I am embarrassed when we go out to eat.) After our Hawaii trip where DS just ate fries almost the whole week, I decided to go on food lockdown. Or maybe not lockdown, but whatever. I am cutting snacks down (a lot) and DS has to eat what I put in front of him. I will allow some variation, but he has to eat his food at the table and finish it if he wants his dessert. Yes, I have to outright bribe my child to eat the food I make him.

On top of that, DD is almost impossible to feed so I give up and just nurse her. As a result, she sometimes only eats snacks! Terrible! She hates fruits (I just don’t understand how that is possible in my household! I blame DH!!) and doesn’t really enjoy sweet or pureed things. She will eat savory foods and regular people foods, so I am now making only one lunch/dinner/breakfast and EVERYBODY is going to eat it. At mostly the same time. She has been better about eating things when I let her eat it herself, so even though it’s a mess, at least she’s eating.

Blargh. I never thought I would turn into a crazy person when it came to mealtimes, but I would get so frustrated, I hear myself making these outrageous statements and punishing DS with timeouts and spankings and threats and OMG I sound like my FATHER. *sigh* He is allowed to have preferences within reason. I just have to not back myself in a corner.

Hopefully, it will get better. IT DOES GET BETTER, RIGHT?