My brain is mush. 😦 My brother is getting married on Saturday and I’m bummed that I really won’t get to see him at all since he is so busy
(understandably so). Plus, this is likely the only time he’ll be able to visit this year so unless we go see him in DC for Christmas or something, I won’t see him at all. 😦 It makes me super sad. Partly because I want him to see my awesome kids, and partly because, well, he is AWESOME and I miss him. WHY DOES HE HAVE TO LIVE IN DC???

Also, a bunch of my cousins are flying for the wedding (harumph, they didn’t fly in for MY wedding, *grumble*grumble*grumble*) and will only be staying the weekend as well. I know it’s selfish of me to expect people to stay longer (especially to see my awesome babies) but I really am sad. We are all so far-flung and so rarely get to see each other. It seems a shame not see them longer.


You were born 29 years ago and even though the only thing I remember from that is Daddy carrying Mommy up the stairs, I am glad you were borned. 😀 When I think back on how mean I was to you when I was in high school, and how much I missed you when I went to college, and then how you were way too cool for me when you went off to college, and just how much I miss you now that you live 3,000 miles away, I am all misty-eyed.

I love you very much, Little Brother. Here are just some reasons why:

  • You are freaking hilarious. I delight in your sarcasm and wit. You are one of the funniest people I know.
  • You totally spoil the people you love. (On this list: ME, Mommy, my kids, your fiancee.)
  • You are very considerate and good to your family.
  • You go out of your way to visit us and actually talk to us.
  • You are so smart and talented and hard-working.
  • You give great book recommendations.
  • You are my tech support when DH is too busy or too old to do it.
  • You were SO cute and SO sweet as a little kid. I’m glad you were around to love when we were little. (Too bad we also had to suffer together. When I think back on those times and how young and scared you were, I want to weep. DS reminds me so much of you. In fact, I often still call him, Dudu, after you.)
  • You have welcomed DH into your heart and made him your family, too.
  • You play with DS and hold DD and are just an awesome Uncle. It warms my cold, dark heart.
  • You mock me (and join forces with DH, no less!) in ways that make me laugh.
  • You are so good to Mommy (and she actually listens to you even if I say the exact same thing).
  • You are extremely protective of people in your sphere. (See: People you spoil.)
  • You are mine and I miss you.

I love you, Little Brother. Happy Birthday and may this next year of life bring you much joy, happiness, and peace. (And a new wife – but that’s in the bag.) You rock. *HUGS*