Because last night, I didn’t know if my water broke or not. (Now, I know this is my second kid, but my water never broke for DS and they never broke my water either, so I had no idea.) I was pretty sure it didn’t, but somehow my underwear was completely soaked and I know I didn’t pee myself (I think). And I was pretty sure it prolly wasn’t DS when he was sitting on me because the angle was just impossible. Then, because one of my friends went into contractions and had to go to the hospital a month early last night, and I had a weird colored discharge (yes, yes, TMI), and when I was showering, I kept peeing, I freaked out a little bit.

The internet, of course, was unhelpful because here are two descriptions of water breaking: 1) A gush of water and a popping sound; 2) A trickle. Um, I think that about covers EVERY POSSIBILITY, no? Then, I had to look up what a mucus plug looks like. Gross. And mucusy. You’re welcome for that image you can’t unsee, by the way. You’re welcome.

So, I called the doctor and the on-call physician recommended I drive myself to the hospital (since he was pretty sure it was nothing) and take a quick test to make sure. On the drive in, I realized that I was an idiot and that it most likely was SWEAT. Why? Because just before, I had vacuumed the stairs and the newly cleared office/guest room. And apparently, I’m a sweaty beast and my underwear was SOAKED. EW.

On the bright side, now I know where the Labor & Delivery is at my hospital (since it’s a different one than before) and it’s really nice. So, there’s that going for me. And obviously, my water did not break. I find out tomorrow when my induction is scheduled though, so that’s another yay!


So, I had a post all planned out in my head but then, by the time I could do anything about it, I can’t remember. *sigh* Thus are the perils of Baby/Prego Brain.

Sorry about that. If I can remember, however, I’ll be sure to post something more interesting than this place filler.

On the bright side, though, (and completely unrelated) I finally uploaded a bunch of YouTube videos for DS and downloaded a bunch of pictures since April. Yes, yes, yes. April. Now I have room for DD when she shows up.

Also, after IMing with my little cousin, I found out that she and her family (my self-righteous uncle who shares a mother with my father), will be in SF around my due date. But after saying we’d like to visit with them, I found out that my grandmother will be there as well. Awkward. So I said that I would love to see her and her sister, but not grandmother.

*sigh* Family is hard. Well now, turns out I did have a mini-post after all, eh?

I am super-appalled by my brain’s lack of behaving this morning! ACK! If I were someone else observing me, I would’ve wanted to punch myself in the face!

This morning, I dropped DS off at my friend’s house for the playgroup (he did awesome!!!) and went to volunteer at the golf tournament. Let’s just say, I was doing great passing out T-shirts until they asked me to help with the raffle ticket sales.

Ok, so part of it was that someone did not give me enough information, but really – I DO have a brain. I can figure things out, right? And you know, READ? As well as do math?? Apparently not. *sigh*

1) I hadn’t really paid attention to what was on a Superticket sale so some random guy comes up to me and says that he didn’t get his raffle tickets. So, I just gave him one. THEN, about ten minutes later, I realized that he wasn’t supposed to get those raffle tickets with his Superticket and called him back, but he had already deposited the raffle tickets in the drawing! I wasn’t going to make him take them back – so I told him not worry about it. But geez! I couldn’t READ or anything?

2) For about 15 minutes, I was just watching a huge line build up and my friend who was next to me taking care of everything. For some reason, I had it in my head that I was only selling raffle tickets, but since my friend was ALSO selling raffle tickets in addition to the Supertickets and other things, I had nothing to do.

THEN, I realized that, duh! I have a credit card machine. I ALSO have Supertickets RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY STUPID FACE. And, how are people supposed to know they can ALSO come to me IF I DON’T TELL THEM?

I felt like such an ass. But it continues!

3) After confirming with someone that their order was $40, I charged them $60! Then, we couldn’t figure out how to credit her back $20 and kept pushing buttons on the machine until she said, “Why don’t you just give me a $20 bill?” DUH!

Needless to say, I clearly have forgotten how to use my brain. I was highly considering quitting the board next year, but now that I see how little my brain is used, I might not!