I love to read. This year (thus far), I’ve read at least 133 books (and counting). Last year, I read 120. The year before that, 114. That, my friends, is a lot of books. I LOVE TO READ.

It helps, of course, that I am a very fast reader clocking in at about 80 pages an hour. That means I can generally get through most books within 1-2 days. I have found that I go through phases of reading a stack of books and then bingeing on hours of DVR’d shows. I can’t do both at the same time (though I’d sure like to!).

However. Next year, I would like to get a new project off the ground (another blog, if you must know), and that requires time and energy. And since I plan on being pregnant and therefore, even more tired, I would also like to keep up this early to bed thing I’ve got going on. Sadly, all our times are finite so in order to add more into my day, something’s got to go – and I guess I can slow down my reading. I think I’m going to aim for 100 books next year – which, I realize, is still a crap ton of books. But let’s just say a tiger can’t change all its stripes all at once, right?

I’ll blog more about my new project later. After all, I’ve got to save some material for other posts, right? 😉


*sigh* My apologies for slacking in the blogging department. My only excuse is that I have been extremely lazy. And I got swept up in a ridiculous series on faeries. 😀 I quite enjoyed blazing through four books of ridiculousness.
So, let’s see. Some quick updates for the past week:

1) Zipped through the Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa. The first book was rather meh, but the story was good enough for me to read the next three. Although what is it with centuries old “teenaged” boys who fall in love with REAL teenage girls? If I was an old dude, I would rather be shot than be wedded to a teenage girl. Such drama queens.

2) Had house cleaners come for the first time in three years (since we moved into this house). OMG – this is awesome. There is nothing I hate more than cleaning bathrooms and showers and kitchens. Yes, things are all in weird places now, but everything is nice and CLEAN! I feel like a privileged 1%-er, but I’ll take it.

3) I bought a bunch of “new-to-us” bridges and risers for DS’s trains and he loves them. I thought we couldn’t tear him away from trains before. He stayed up late several nights in a row to play the trains with his Papa (DH). This kid is so spoiled.

4) DD is a pro at walking now. I often think she’s closer to 1.5 years than the almost 11 months she is. Mostly because she is tackling stuff that DS couldn’t do until he was about 1.5 years. I guess girls do develop faster than boys! LOL. She is just super at driving her little red Cozy Coupe backwards. She LOVES that thing.

5) I have replenished my chocolate supply. It was dwindling.

6) I drove about an hour round trip the other day just to get DS a train muffin pan. It makes muffins in the shape of trains! He was very excited. He even ate banana bread – which he never likes. Clearly, I need to make vegetable trains.

7) Finally got a couple of things from Lowe’s today. I’ve seriously been meaning to get a metal hose nozzle and a stand for it for the last year. FINALLY. I also got replacement bulbs (they were a weird specific kind) for our guest bathroom (also waiting at least six months) and some refillable spray bottles for cleaning solutions (also at least a year). You can tell I’m the procrastinating type.

8) Did I mention that the housecleaners took out our garbage for me? AWESOME.

9) I am searching for a tall boy dresser for our room. I’ve decided that until the kids can dress themselves, we’re gonna have a family closet. Because seriously? I’m not putting laundry away in three separate rooms. They have all their baths in my room anyway. Truthfully, we ALREADY have a family closet. But we’re running out of space because DS’s clothes are getting bigger. Plus, we’re nearing fall/winter and we’ll need warmer clothes and socks and those take up more room as well. Craigslist trolling, here I come.

10) I broke down and bought two bags of Pirate’s Booty yesterday. We are now down to ONE bag.

That’s it. I will update tomorrow. 😀

The last few nights, I have chosen to stay up late and read (from start to finish) several books. You all know what a recipe for disaster that is. I am sleepy, therefore I am cranky. But the past two days, despite my extreme tiredness (as well as foolishness), I consciously chose not to yell at DS. Yes, I also realize that that is like saying, “Yay! I was a PARENT today! Like I’m SUPPOSED TO BE!” But you know, it is PROGRESS, people. PROGRESS.

So, now, I have to decide whether I will catch up on sleep, read, watch the new White Collar, or watch the new SYTYCD. Such a hard life. 😉

I’m mostly submersing myself in reading Regency Romances so my brain is mush. Carry on. Nothing to see here. 🙂

On reading, that is. I blazed through a bunch of books before the trip and then stopped. Now, it’s been hard to regain momentum. I currently have a book that is very overdue and I’m still reading it because there is a long wait for the book so I can’t renew it. Very stupid, I know. But it’s slow going because although the story has gotten better, I’m still somewhat bored. But it is a series ender so I HAVE TO READ IT.

Sorry for such a lame post.

Sometimes, I can’t believe that two babies came out of my body. I was just holding DD as she snarfled in her sleep and cozied herself against me and I inhaled her sweet baby milk smell. It was so surreal. Half the time, I still feel like I’m a young twenty-something just out of college, full of sixteen year old insecurities and nonsense. Instead, I’m a mother of two with a husband and mortgage and all sorts of other grown up stuff.

That’s crazy to me.

Sorry I don’t have more to say tonight. I’m busy being a teenager, reading a book. 😀

One of the blogs that I read regularly has a new feature by one of the writers. She now posts up her weekly goals into four categories:

  1. Family/Mothering Goals
  2. Personal Goals
  3. Home Management Goals
  4. Business Goals

At the end of each week, she will post how she did. I think I will adopt this as well for 2012. I don’t think I will have any Business Goals for the moment. It is a bit daunting – but I will start on the first three. 🙂 So, for this week – even though it’s Wednesday (I am writing this on Sunday night), here they are:

Family/Mothering Goals

  1. Go to the park at least once
  2. Limit screen time to 1 hour a day (this includes iPhone and iPad!)

Personal Goals

  1. Go to bed before 11pm
  2. Create Xmas cards and family calendar
  3. Finish 100 pages of Known and Unknown by Donald Rumsfeld
  4. Walk on the elliptical for 30 minutes at least 1x
  5. Read at least 5 NYT articles a day (NOT the fluffy pieces)

Home Management

  1. NOT buy anything online/craigslist (YES – that is a seriously difficult goal)
  2. Cook at least 3 dinners
  3. Pack at least 3 lunches for DH

Wish me luck!