DH finally figured out why DS thinks Papa has a vagina and a penis. He thinks the pubic hair is the vagina. He also pointed at DH’s face and said, “Gina face! Gina mouth!” OMG. Can’t stop laughing.

Then, because we couldn’t stop laughing, DS decided to attach “Gina” before everything. “Gina peacock!” “Gina teddy bear!” We had to tell him that wasn’t something he could do.

What’s even funnier is that when DH lets his goatee run wild and hasn’t shaved in awhile, I complain to him and tell him to go shave his “vadge face.” Clearly, the thought runs in the family.

But at least one great mystery has been solved.


Until DS2 arrives!!! It seems so soon! But I almost done with my To-Do list so that pleases me greatly. πŸ™‚

Also, DH started his new job this Monday. Let me just say that I’m floundering without him. I totally forgot what it is to actually raise children. My kids are watching way too much TV and iPad. I tell myself this is temporary and that I think DS went through this phase when I was close to my due date with DD, too. And I cut back and it was fine. *sigh*

Why is it so easy to slip into NON-parenting?

DH seems to like his new job. He’s been working late the first three days because his first week at work coincided with a big sales thing for his company. The kids really miss him and when he finally gets home, they are SO EXCITED to see him. I think it makes DH happy to see that the kids love him so much. They really just clamber all over him. So sweet.

DH is such a great guy, too. On Sunday night, the night before his first day at the new job, he totally cleaned the kitchen and tidied up downstairs. I asked him why and he said, “Don’t you have a playgroup coming over tomorrow? I just wanted to make it easier for you.”

He is a totally awesome man. I am truly blessed.

So, there are all these ants in the house which really upsets DS. He kept telling me to, “ζΈ…ζΈ…θžžθŸ» (Clean up the ants)!” But DD thinks he is saying, “θ¦ͺθ¦ͺ螞蟻 (Kiss the ants)!” (They are pronounced the same way in Chinese.) so she goes up to the ants and kisses them.

I didn’t understand why she was doing it at first, but once I figured it out, I couldn’t stop laughing.

On a different note, DHΒ is awesome and I never have to watch my children again until he goes back to work. He takes them out from about 8am-1pm just walking around trails, going to parks, the library, community center, wherever, and utterly tires them out. When he goes back to work, the whole family (especially me) will cry except DH who will breathe a huge sigh of relief. What an awesome dad. πŸ˜€

Sorry. I’m feeling rather large and unwieldy today. Plus, I had my 3 hour glucose test this morning and it made me feel pretty barfy and crappy. Thank goodness DH is home so he watched the kids and I napped a bit. I really shouldn’t complain about my pregnancy since I have a few friends who have been trying a really long time to get pregnant (either for their first or second child). One of my friends has lost a baby at 12 weeks – twice. Very sad.

For the most part, my pregnancy has been easy and uneventful. Right now, it is uncomfortable to cut toenails or lean forward very much at all (especially after I’ve eaten). I can’t eat much and then I’m starving and then I’m full again. And my skin feels too small for my stomach. But really, this is my third time around. I should be used to this. Everything takes SO much effort to do (and I know it will only get worse as I get bigger).

Of course, there are perks. DH regularly goes out to satisfy my whims. I would call them cravings – but they’re not VITAL to my existence or anything. I just get to indulge in whatever random thing that pops into my mind. :0) And usually, DH goes along with it. He’s a good man.

Ok. Nothing really more to talk about. I’m sure I’ll have some rants next week after my MIL’s visit this weekend.


DH found out he got laid off today. 😦 He gets severance and all and we’re not too worried about him finding another job (and quickly, at that), but most likely, he’ll be starting a new job right when the new baby is born. Plus, whenever you start a new job, you have to start off working really hard – so that will be difficult with a new baby and two other kiddos, but we’ll make it work.

But in the interim, it gave me a good reason to cancel a lot of extraneous things.

This post is just fluff and nonsense. I just polished off a vat of salsa and chips. I am full near to bursting and my hands are swollen due to all that salt I just ingested.


On another note, DH is leaving for Japan this Sunday and I am sad. I am comforted by the fact that I will not be alone in bed, though. I get to cozy with DS. πŸ˜€ I will have to force myself to sleep early because there will be no relief pitching by DH in the early morning. Also, I will have to turn on the alarm so I feel safer at home alone with two wee ones. Also, I will pee on many sticks to see if I am pregnant. I will likely pee on sticks every day for the next two weeks. Because I’m an optimist and like to torture myself. *SIGH*

As you were!

A dear friend of mine has been trying for several years to get pregnant with her second child. Last summer, she made it to about 12 weeks before finding out at her routine ultrasound that there was no heartbeat. It took another year before she got pregnant again. Today was her 12 week ultrasound (where she was finally beginning to hope) and again, there was no heartbeat.

It is so sad and awful.

I am so grateful (and feel so guilty) that I’ve had two easy pregnancies and two beautiful babies to show for it. DH was so sad upon hearing of my friend that he told me to get flowers and whatever would help make my friend feel a little better. (Not that flowers make dead babies better, but you know.) DH was still so sad this evening when he got home and hugged DS super tight. He kept saying it was so horrible and that he was so sad and that we were so lucky.

Times like these, I am pleasantly surprised by how sweet DH can be. (Not that he’s normally not at all sweet, but I don’t know why I think stuff like this doesn’t affect him.)

So sad. 😦