Since I’m tired of constantly updating an OLD list (although as satisfying as it is to see so many items crossed off!!), I am updating my To-Do list in a new post. Aren’t you excited? Here’s where I am currently (and I’ll have you note that most of these items are waiting on OTHER people so I guess it’s not really MY to-do list per se, but it’s my job to make sure it’s done):

1) Finish Living Trust
– 6/4 – Have finally read the thing and edited it and sent to the attorney. She has to get it out of storage and look it over. Can’t imagine why she doesn’t have it completely memorized from three years ago. LOL.
– 6/12, 6/15, 6/27 ย – Follow up email sent to attorney. (May have to go with another attorney.)
– 6/28 – gathering items for attorney (she responded yesterday)
– 6/29 – emailed stuff to attorney!! WHOOHOOO!
– 7/5 – After no response, realized that I sent to the WRONG email again. BLARGH. Re-sent today.

2) Sell craigslist items:
– Wedding Dress
– Stroller snack tray
– Twin Headboard (may keep for a friend until her house is done remodeling)

3) Put up garage shelving (this is DH’s job). It has been in our garage ready to go for at least a year. Harumph.

4) File 2012 taxes. (I know. I know. Ridiculous.)
– 6/29 – emailed all docs to CPA
– 7/2 – CPA said can’t finish until mom gives her the business files; also, she wants to talk to me about some questions. I don’t know what since it’s exactly the same as last year (more or less).
– 7/5 – CPA set up a meeting for Wed 7/10. I further realize that I really don’t like her. What’s the point of me emailing her all my docs if she’s just going to ask me to print it out FFS. I told her I wasn’t going to print out anything. I emailed her for a reason. I think in general, I don’t like older Chinese people doing my taxes. BLARGH. Looks like I have to find a better one come 2014.
– 7/10 – after meeting CPA in person, I like her ok and will likely not find another CPA. She reminds me of my mom. *sigh* Mostly waiting on my mother.

5) Set up safe

6) Have DH Rollover his old 401ks and retirement funds (3)

7) Submit FSA dependent care claim



It’s that season again – prepping for the new baby! As some of you long time followers know, for DS, my first, I never really had a nesting phase. With DD, I went crazy and did a massive purging of the house. As suspected, I didn’t do anything for another year and a half until the past few months while pregnant with DS2.ย 

Since then:

1) I finally attacked 3-4 years of mail and filing – it only took a full day. Sigh. If I would’ve just done it daily, then I wouldn’t have this problem. But it’s done now, and thus far, I’ve been pretty good about keeping up.

2) I am putting up all sorts of things on craigslist (finally). Including (but not limited to): my wedding dress, some floor lamps, an old Kindle Fire, misc. toys, shelves I bought but never put up, etc. Hopefully, I can sell all this stuff before the baby comes. I realize the wedding dress will not go as quickly as the floor lamps did. LOL.ย 

3) I have purchased a ridiculous amount of used small Legos. I think I’m done now. ๐Ÿ™‚ My kids are all set for both the Duplos and the Legos – and all mostly used. ๐Ÿ˜€ I can’t believe how expensive these things are brand new. RIDICULOUS. What a scam!

4) I need to buy another twin bed to put it next to DS’s twin in his room. That way, the two oldest can share a big king sized bed and the baby can sleep with us the first month or so. Once the new baby is moved to his room, I’m sure the older two will find their way back into our room at night.ย 

5) I REALLY have to finish our living trust. I had it drawn up when DS was born – over three years ago! I just never read it or had it signed or put anything in it. SO STUPID. Must get this done before DS2 comes along. Otherwise, it’s never going to happen.

6) Since most of my food garden did NOT sprout, I’m wasting a lot of water. So I think I need to plant more stuff – otherwise, I spent a lot of money and water for nothing. I intend to do something soon-ish.

7) Over the years, I have purchased to box freezer to put in the garage and I have stuffed that thing (along with my freezer in the house) as well as my pantry full of food that I don’t even know I have. So, my goal is to eat out of my pantry and freezer for awhile. (Plus, I gotta let the thing defrost.) Perhaps it is finally time to get rid of the gallons of breast milk I have frozen – from DS. (Yeah, you read that right. DS. I gave away all of DD’s milk. I didn’t quite have my act together for DS. I have plans for turning it into soap – but that hasn’t happened. So maybe I really just need to bite the bullet and toss it. BUT IT’S LIQUID GOLD!!!)ย 

But ultimately, it’s silly to have all this food go uneaten – and since DH is unemployed (though receiving a paycheck), I’d rather we buckle down now and spend less on food we already technically have. It’s almost like a treasure hunt. We have a lot of frozen birthday cakes. LOL.


I think that’s it for now. When you have too many items on a to-do list, they tend to go undone. *sigh* I guess the first thing I should do is go to the garage and take out all that breast milk and toss it. It physically pains me but must be done. Wish me luck!

Nothing like looking at a first time parent’s baby registry to make you feel smug and superior. Seriously – socks for a baby born in June in LA? Or newborn specific bath towels? REALLY? *sigh*

When I was registering for my first kid, I made my friend who had a baby a year ahead of me do my registry. That way, I was more assured of not having useless or wasted items on my list. As it happened, I still bought plenty of crap that didn’t need to be purchased. (I’m looking atย you, bottle warmer!) I think it upsets me because I know every one has a limited budget and money supply for new babies. Why would you want to waste your money on crap that will just clutter your house as well as not use?

BLARGH. I know. I’m just aย crotchety, smug, asshat.

*sigh* My apologies for slacking in the blogging department. My only excuse is that I have been extremely lazy. And I got swept up in a ridiculous series on faeries. ๐Ÿ˜€ I quite enjoyed blazing through four books of ridiculousness.
So, let’s see. Some quick updates for the past week:

1) Zipped through the Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa. The first book was rather meh, but the story was good enough for me to read the next three. Although what is it with centuries old “teenaged” boys who fall in love with REAL teenage girls? If I was an old dude, I would rather be shot than be wedded to a teenage girl. Such drama queens.

2) Had house cleaners come for the first time in three years (since we moved into this house). OMG – this is awesome. There is nothing I hate more than cleaning bathrooms and showers and kitchens. Yes, things are all in weird places now, but everything is nice and CLEAN! I feel like a privileged 1%-er, but I’ll take it.

3) I bought a bunch of “new-to-us” bridges and risers for DS’s trains and he loves them. I thought we couldn’t tear him away from trains before. He stayed up late several nights in a row to play the trains with his Papa (DH). This kid is so spoiled.

4) DD is a pro at walking now. I often think she’s closer to 1.5 years than the almost 11 months she is. Mostly because she is tackling stuff that DS couldn’t do until he was about 1.5 years. I guess girls do develop faster than boys! LOL. She is just super at driving her little red Cozy Coupe backwards. She LOVES that thing.

5) I have replenished my chocolate supply. It was dwindling.

6) I drove about an hour round trip the other day just to get DS a train muffin pan. It makes muffins in the shape of trains! He was very excited. He even ate banana bread – which he never likes. Clearly, I need to make vegetable trains.

7) Finally got a couple of things from Lowe’s today. I’ve seriously been meaning to get a metal hose nozzle and a stand for it for the last year. FINALLY. I also got replacement bulbs (they were a weird specific kind) for our guest bathroom (also waiting at least six months) and some refillable spray bottles for cleaning solutions (also at least a year). You can tell I’m the procrastinating type.

8) Did I mention that the housecleaners took out our garbage for me? AWESOME.

9) I am searching for a tall boy dresser for our room. I’ve decided that until the kids can dress themselves, we’re gonna have a family closet. Because seriously? I’m not putting laundry away in three separate rooms. They have all their baths in my room anyway. Truthfully, we ALREADY have a family closet. But we’re running out of space because DS’s clothes are getting bigger. Plus, we’re nearing fall/winter and we’ll need warmer clothes and socks and those take up more room as well. Craigslist trolling, here I come.

10) I broke down and bought two bags of Pirate’s Booty yesterday. We are now down to ONE bag.

That’s it. I will update tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜€

Forgot to post last night. Here are some funny stories of the babies today.

1) Both DS and DD fight to get into my lap when they see the other in it. I’m particularly surprised by DD’s reaction since I think it’s early for jealousy to kick in, right? At any rate, every time she sees DS in my lap, no matter where she is, she books it to get a piece of her mama, too.

2) Even though DD is a pickier eater than DS was at her age, when she sees DS eat something, even if it’s something she doesn’t like, she DEMANDS to have some. She will not be left out! So, I’m trying to use this to my advantage. ๐Ÿ˜€ Incidentally, DD also demands a spoon/fork so she can be like big brother. She’s not a baby. She’s a big girl!

3) DD stood up by herself today without pulling up on anything. She briefly pushed off of my knee, but then stood up, was free standing for a bit, and then sat back down. This girl is ridiculous!

4) I got an awesome deal on a tub of wooden tracks (along with some hidden cars and trains) at the garage sale this past weekend. A big tub for $20 (including the tub)! DS was super pleased. Also, DH is really into building massive tracks that take over my entire family room.

5) DS really seems to like babies. A lot of my playgroup friends have babies around DD’s age and when they come over, DS likes to hug and kiss them. All DS does is wrestle with his sister, though. Not so much with the kisses (though it’s been known to happen).

Ok. I’m drinking a beer (I really had a craving for one) and I’m starting to get sleepy. See you tomorrow!

We have dear friends over tonight because we’re all going GARAGE SALING tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s one of the largest neighborhood garage sales (with around 30-40 homes participating) and it’s in a super nice area – KEY. So, I’m prepping for that. I know. How could my house possibly fit more crap? We’ll find a way. Oh, yes.

Is evil. And I must play more. And if you know me in real life, please play with me. ๐Ÿ˜€

In addition, DH now calls me a huge hypocrite because I give him so much crap about checking his phone around the kids but now I’m on the phone all the time (and Draw Something DOES NOT HELP). No excuse, I suppose. However, I am proportionately on the phone FAR LESS around the kids than he is by sheer volume. So there!

Yes, I am that immature. That is all. I did billing tonight and I’m tired. And hungry. Mmmm… COOKIES.