I have a love/hate relationship with Bruno Mars’s songs. Mostly because I find them insincere and groveling and the worst sort of drivel. And yet, the tunes are so catchy!! *sigh* So, it is with great chagrin that I admit to absolutely adoring his latest single, “It Will Rain.” Unbeknownst to me, another Breaking Dawn Pt 1 song. Doomed/Destined to love the soundtrack to such bad writing. *sigh*

Now, the reason I find this song so ridiculous is the opening line of “If you ever leave me, baby / Leave some morphine at my door.” REALLY? That is just too stupid and over-dramatic for words. (Although, technically, it is in words so thereby proving my previous statement false. Whatever.) And that is the case for all Mars’s songs. They are just so overblown and so incredible. As in, the literal meaning of the word – not credible!

Sadly, this is precisely the kind of tripe that I would have devoured as a drama loving young adult. Thankfully, this phase of my life is over. Possibly, I wouldn’t despise Bruno Mars so much if, in his singing, he sounded remotely sincere. There is a quality to his voice or the way he sings that makes it seem all an act – as if he is just parroting words that he believes will make women swoon. I alternately find him to be the most pussy-whipped singer or the most calculating. It depends on how charitable I’m feeling at the moment.

However, I do not feel that way about Ne-yo’s songs, even though they seem to be, at first blush, in the same vein. After all, Ne-yo also has these ridiculous “pro-woman” songs, or whatever. But Ne-yo sounds sincere, and his lyrics are, as much as R&B can be, much truer to the ideal of being all woman-empowery. (If that makes any sort of sense. It is rather late as I am writing this nonsense.)

Anyhow, that is all I have to say semi-coherently on this subject. As it is already, I feel as if I have wasted enough brain space on this silliness. Indeed, this is the stuff that I think about. Truly sad, isn’t it? I am reminded of my recent post on the banality of my thoughts and am renewed in my despair over my utter lame-osity.


I am really digging several songs on the radio right now. The most is a Katy Perry song called, “The One that Got Away.” I must say, the first time I heard this song, I remember distinctly feeling so grateful and glad that I didn’t have to look back on my life and say that about DH. In fact, I recall tearing up because then I thought of all the beautiful things in life that I would have missed out on if DH had gotten away from me. (Not the least of which are my two beautiful children.)

How I do love my family. Indeed, I am once again overwhelmed with the incredulity of how lucky I am to live this beautiful life. I would not trade my life for any other – nor would I change one moment of it in order to not risk a minute detail derailing my current life as it is. The thought of not having DH, DS or DD in my life is almost unbearable. It is truly God’s grace that I get to have such a beautiful and lovely family.

See what post-birth hormones do to you? They render you a watering pot just because of a wistful song on the radio.

The other song that I will mention in this post (because it evokes the same feeling of wistfulness and love and besottedness in me) is Christina Perry’s “A Thousand Years,” written for the Breaking Dawn Pt 1 movie. I don’t care at all about Twilight, but I am sure pleased with the songs that the story inspires. 🙂

In particular, I love the lines, “I have loved you for a thousand years/I’ll love you for a thousand more.” Yes, I know it refers to the love between Bella and Edward, and thus, is in reference to romantic love. However, I must admit, that in addition to making me think longingly and lovingly towards DH, I think truly of my two babies.

I just cannot imagine a life without my two precious darlings. They are my heart. Or, to quote the Chinese saying, they are my “heart liver treasure,” which sounds grosser in English than it does in Chinese. I never even understood the meaning of that phrase until I had DS – and then, that phrase crystallized and became one of the deepest truths in my life. DS and DD are my deepest loves.

My heart is feeling particularly full tonight.

I’m obsessed with the show, The Vampire Diaries. Well, inasmuch as I get obsessed over shows nowadays. I’m not really involved in any online community about the show – but boy, do I enjoy watching the pretty!! How can there be so many pretty people in one place??

I started reading the books by LJ Smith, but I really couldn’t hack it. I think I read two of them and then had to stop. I must say that though I enjoy watching vampires, I don’t really care to read about them. hahaha. Weird, eh? Speaking of which, I also have never tried to read or watch any of the Twilight series. I think part of me is worried that I will actually like the books/stories. I’d really rather not validate that! (Make of that what you will.) But then, how can I make an honest critique if I’ve never read them? Seems a bit hypocritical, no?

Anyhow, this is all my brain can think of at the moment (it’s currently Friday night and I just wrote another post). Hopefully it will tie you over until I’m back. 🙂