The last few nights, I have chosen to stay up late and read (from start to finish) several books. You all know what a recipe for disaster that is. I am sleepy, therefore I am cranky. But the past two days, despite my extreme tiredness (as well as foolishness), I consciously chose not to yell at DS. Yes, I also realize that that is like saying, “Yay! I was a PARENT today! Like I’m SUPPOSED TO BE!” But you know, it is PROGRESS, people. PROGRESS.

So, now, I have to decide whether I will catch up on sleep, read, watch the new White Collar, or watch the new SYTYCD. Such a hard life. 😉


Sorry folks. I am exhausted, still. But, quick update: Temporary restraining order has been granted. Finally made it to the sheriff’s office for them to serve the order. Court date is for next Thursday.

I’ve had a helluva day, culminating in yelling at DS and making him cry more. (Why can’t I remember that yelling at him doesn’t help?) Plus, I finally watched the Season 3 finale of White Collar and I’m all sad now.

That is all.

DD woke up in the middle of the night and wouldn’t go back down for another two hours. She is usually so easy and sleeps 10-12 hours that my immunity to lack of sleep went down and got pommeled. As a result, today was hard. I admit. I let DS zombie out on the iPhone for a good 3 hours.

So, with that said, tonight, instead of vegging out and watching White Collar and The Vampire Diaries, I will head off to sleep right now. *sigh* After all, I just played a ton of BINGO and got my first 1st place win! (So sad.) Maybe I will shove some Kettle Chips jalapeno flavored chips into my mouth first, though. YUM!