DS came down with croup last night and we had to go the ER. He woke up around 9pm from coughing and hacking and he was wheezing and crying. His breathing was labored so the on-call doctor recommended we take him to the ER. He’s fine now since they treated him with a steroid and some breathing thing. (Cool mist breathing.)

Apparently, this was the illness of the week at the hospital because they said the ER was full of croupy kids this week so watch out. I thought it was just allergies at first (and it was) but it escalated because of all that congestion.

Let’s just say that croup scares the crap out of every parent because it sounds like your child is suffocating. I am so grateful for our insurance and the fact that we live less than 10 minutes away from an amazing hospital facility. I’m also grateful that DS has had relatively minor health issues. Nothing crazy like you see on TV or hear through the grapevine.