Off to stuff Easter eggs with some friends. I bought 3 gross of them for our egg hunt this Sunday (that’s 3 x 144). I think we have more than enough even if people forget to bring 20 eggs per kids. I am super excited about the hunt, too. If it goes well, perhaps I will make it a tradition! I love coming up with things for the kids and making new traditions. I want to create a childhood that they remember fondly (without going overboard and crazy control freakish). Of course they will look back on their childhood fondly (barring things I can’t control) but I think things like this (trips to LA/SD, egg hunts, parties), those moments may stick out. 🙂

SO FUN! Plus, it’s an excuse to hang out with all my friends. 😀 (That’s the real reason. heehee.)


From vacation, that is! Ten days away from home, and BOY! Is it good to be home! We had a great time in LA to visit family and friends and an even greater time in SD!! Staying at friends’ homes and eating a ton of food – yes, I’ve come home TEN pounds heavier. I’m growing a baby, people. That is serious business!

DS has exploded with words. It’s amazing and funny and so endearing to hear him attempt the Chinese word for “truck” (it’s “kah-che” but he just says, “kah kah”). It is usually the last word on his lips before bed and the first word out of his mouth when he wakes up. Adorbs!! Kids grow up so fast, I tell you! SO FAST! Good thing I’m having another one.

DH got to catch up majorly on his sleep. He pretty much slept whenever DS slept – and that’s a good 12 hours or so a day! hahaha. He was very pleased. 😀 I got to see my friends and read some books, too. LOVELY!

The only bad thing is that we came home to armies of ants all over the house. Guess I didn’t leave the house as spotless as I thought. I HATE ANTS! But other than that, it was awesome. YAY!