Well, technically, six. But since I’ll either be induced or C-sectioned at 39 weeks, it’s going to be five.

That’s insane. I really don’t even remember what to do with a newborn. Their heads are all floppy and they’re so tiny and they cry a lot and they’re so small and cute and snuffly but OMG – WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH A NEWBORN AND A TODDLER?

I think I’ve buried my head in the sand for the last eight months and have been in complete denial on what will be actually happening. That’s probably for the best. Otherwise, people would stop having babies after the first one, right? Welp, here’s to winging it!


(See what I did there in the title?)

Like the rest of the members of the human race (except those freaks of nature who do everything they have to do right away. They are not human. And I hate them.), I have a terrible habit of procrastination. Whether at work or home, if it’s not fun, a book, a TV show, or food, it’s probably being pushed back to the last possible moment. (ie: When it’s due.) Unfortunately, this does cause some psychic stress. These un-done tasks lurk in the back of my brain, stealing moments I’m enjoying. I always feel dread and I mentally count and recount all the things I left unfinished at the end of the day while I try to fall asleep.

The stupidest thing about all my procrastination is that if I just took the five minutes it takes to do most of these tasks (especially work related ones), I would be DONE ALREADY and then free to do whatever I want (like play Zuma Blitz *shakesfist*) and also? Be GUILT FREE.

So, tonight, I bit the bullet and blasted out a good six or seven work-related items and you know what? I feel awesome. It also only took about two hours. Two hours of my life (and some of these things seriously took five minutes to do) and a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Why don’t I ever remember this light and fluffy feeling when I’m trying to avoid doing things that need to get done?

Well, tonight is a victory (minor though it may be). Let’s hope that I learned a lesson from all this. (You know, how punny titles always win.)