According to my brother, my latest posts have been boring. Especially about Bruno Mars. *shudder* Poor fellow. Well then, he should suggest blogging topics!! Clearly, I have boring thoughts. :p

Today, my mom’s iPhone 4s arrived and I set it up for her. She is very pleased and so happy. My brother and I totally mock her for all the Apple stuff she has. She now has an iPad 2, Mac Air, iPhone 4s, in addition to a netbook and laptop. It’s ridiculous considering how little of any of these items she uses. *sigh* She at first claimed it was to keep up with technology (and DS since he knows how to use the iPad/iPhone better than all of us combined). Then, she gave the usual gamut of excuses claiming she needed lighter objects when she traveled, etc. Finally, after much badgering from me, she admitted that she just wants these things.

I told her there was nothing wrong with that – but not to delude herself. That she is getting these things because she wants them – not because she needs them (as she was attempting to justify). I can’t say why I was so insistent on that fact – maybe because I found it so ridiculous that she was going on such a spending splurge (Hello, Pot! I’m Kettle!) for things that she completely doesn’t need. It seemed wrong the way she was justifying it saying she needed them. But I do feel bad because she would get mad and feel embarrassed – when I really only was teasing her. *sigh*

But of course, part of me mocked her because I was jealous! I want a Mac Air!! I only recently got the iPhone and that was after three years of not upgrading my phone. Of course, I spend all my money on craigslist and amazon so I really should STFU. *sigh* Well, at this point, I think there isn’t anything that I do NOT own so I think I’m ok now. 🙂

But next year, for SURE, I won’t buy anything. (How long do you think that will last? A day?)


I have a love/hate relationship with Bruno Mars’s songs. Mostly because I find them insincere and groveling and the worst sort of drivel. And yet, the tunes are so catchy!! *sigh* So, it is with great chagrin that I admit to absolutely adoring his latest single, “It Will Rain.” Unbeknownst to me, another Breaking Dawn Pt 1 song. Doomed/Destined to love the soundtrack to such bad writing. *sigh*

Now, the reason I find this song so ridiculous is the opening line of “If you ever leave me, baby / Leave some morphine at my door.” REALLY? That is just too stupid and over-dramatic for words. (Although, technically, it is in words so thereby proving my previous statement false. Whatever.) And that is the case for all Mars’s songs. They are just so overblown and so incredible. As in, the literal meaning of the word – not credible!

Sadly, this is precisely the kind of tripe that I would have devoured as a drama loving young adult. Thankfully, this phase of my life is over. Possibly, I wouldn’t despise Bruno Mars so much if, in his singing, he sounded remotely sincere. There is a quality to his voice or the way he sings that makes it seem all an act – as if he is just parroting words that he believes will make women swoon. I alternately find him to be the most pussy-whipped singer or the most calculating. It depends on how charitable I’m feeling at the moment.

However, I do not feel that way about Ne-yo’s songs, even though they seem to be, at first blush, in the same vein. After all, Ne-yo also has these ridiculous “pro-woman” songs, or whatever. But Ne-yo sounds sincere, and his lyrics are, as much as R&B can be, much truer to the ideal of being all woman-empowery. (If that makes any sort of sense. It is rather late as I am writing this nonsense.)

Anyhow, that is all I have to say semi-coherently on this subject. As it is already, I feel as if I have wasted enough brain space on this silliness. Indeed, this is the stuff that I think about. Truly sad, isn’t it? I am reminded of my recent post on the banality of my thoughts and am renewed in my despair over my utter lame-osity.

In keeping with the mindless posts, here is another one. Even though the actual song, Grenade by Bruno Mars, is severely stupid, (see my commentary), I thoroughly enjoyed this version by Delilah on the Sing Off.

Wow, that’s quite a long title for this post. But I’m serious. I know I’ve crossed over dangerously into the “OLD PERSON” and Crotchety category, but seriously. 99% of radio music is for crap these days. Now, perhaps you might say that this has always been the case. Fine. You are either a big music snob or Even. Older. Than. I. Am. (Which, considering I’m not really that old, is very possible!)

Now, a lot of the for crap music is still pretty catchy when that’s all you hear on the radio so it does manage to worm its little wormy fingers into my brain. However, when I actually listen to the lyrics, I want to shoot myself. No. Why should I and my family be punished? I want to shoot the songwriter. I mean, can there be more asinine lyrics? (Well, I suppose there can but that’s not the point.)

Take, for example, that Grenade song by Bruno Mars. Not only do I constantly think of “Grenades” as in Jersey Shore type grenades (aka, an extremely ugly person that you take for the team so your buddy can get the hot one), I also think the man in this song is too stupid to live. Some choice lyrics from the hook:

I’d catch a grenade for ya
Throw my head on a blade for ya
I’d jump in front of a train for ya
You know I’d do anything for ya

I would go through all this pain
Take a bullet straight through my brain
Yes, I would die for ya, baby
But you won’t do the same

I know there are like a bjillion tweens out there who will think this song is so deep and real and about love because this man is willing to die for this woman who obviously couldn’t give two snaps about him. And, they in turn, will think it’s so powerful and tragic and oh so beautiful. I know because twenty years ago, I was that moron who thought these utterly ridiculous lyrics would be proof of love.

No. This man is an idiot. Why waste your love on someone who doesn’t want it? And what does dying for someone mean anyway? Just because he’s willing to waste his worthless life on this woman doesn’t mean she thinks his pathetic ass is worth dying for. Other than being willing to die for her, what has he really offered her? Who knows? Why? Because this song doesn’t tell you. It just whines and cries and is super catchy and despite all this stupidity, I have thought long and hard about this song.

So, who really is the stupid one?